Dragstrip finally open today!

Later today we’ll be able to go down New England Dragway for the first time in 2020. Smudge The Cat, for one, is very happy, as am I.

Update: I coaxed the '68 with its chicken-coop short block in to the 14s. Smudge the Cat couldn’t get it done (a 15.004) so I took over.

A great day being back in the real world after house arrest!

I’d love to take a shot at the drag strip one day.
Vegas is 1 1/2 hours away.

Looks like the car in my profile picture. Mine was an “A” code 289-4V / 4 speed. Stock except for a Holley 6oo carburetor. I don’t seem to have my best time slip for that day in May 1979 which was around 15.20. Beige exterior / saddle interior XR-7.

Wow! Tires are better now, and in that quiet Cougar I could hear my tires on all the traction compound yesterday. You had a better accomplishment in 1979, I argue (plus fewer inches)

Nice job! Love the Smudge the cat pic lol!

Back then I could not afford new tires so I often went to the junk yard and bought used tires from a wrecked car. I would then take the tires to the re-groover at Denton and Mockingbird in Dallas. They would use a hot iron and a tire lathe (illegal now) to deepen the grooves on the tires so they would pass state inspection. Needless to say I had lots of flats and blowouts. My tires of choice were Firestone Deluxe Champion bias ply F78-14 for the rear and E78-14 for the fronts and spare.

A hell of a story. In NY state those machines weren’t around when I came up (NY has a history of outlawing everything early). E or F78-14 was a healthy tire in 1969-70, a huge step up from weenie 7.35-14s. Used them on my '67 Comet Capri pillarless hardtop.