Drive Line Refresh time***

Well right on. I have to connect the yoke to the front of the drive line and get those last two I joints pressed in then should be able to get her done remounted. I anxious to get her done so I can give into the rest diff. I will be needing some guidance there to as I have never drained fluids on that it any other work. I am trying to touch everything.
I will post final pics when I am done.

So, I finally had some time to press the u joint in for the yoke. But, ran into a problem. The caps are to big to fit in the yoke! I checked the box for the u joint and made sure it was for a front and it was correct. I did notice that there were different numbers on the cap I already pressed into the driveshaft. My question is are there 2 sizes for this front u joint? (I mean sizes of the caps) The one already into the driveshaft has a E20. The one I was trying to fit into the yoke has E40. I have photos if that would help but wanted to ask as you seem to know what you are doing. :sunglasses:

Much thanks,

So did you order/purchase a U joint for the application or did you measure the ones you took out and order based on that?

In measuring you will need cap measurements as well as U joint ones then find someone that can look up U joints based on those if your going to use the same yokes and driveline. Assuming that they gave you what you ordered, that didn’t fit, in the first place

Over the years owners can and do sometimes swap out parts so you can not automatically assume that the parts on your car are factory.

This applies to repairs and for cars that have been modified. If uncertain and your not worried about everything being factory its a measure and order process. In days past I use to have to tell the parts counter not what car, engine and transmission I had since I knew they were not stock. If I did it was not going to fit. Instead I often told them what they needed to hear to get me the part I wanted. This comes from hiring people that can only use counter books or type in numbers into search boxes as well as today - allot more models of cars, companies and other things

J, thanks for the reply. This is my first go at doing a major refresh so to answer you directly, I assumed it was original stock and just ordered based on that from Don @ WCCC. So I will have to do some more homework and some measuring. I will report back when I get it figured out. Thanks again for the tips and knowledge.