drive shaft measurment

In need of drive shaft for my Eliminator, it is a 70 351 C 4v speed. Does anyone know the dia. and lenght. i have been told 53 1/4 long, but have been told 3" dia by someone and 3 1/2" dia" by someone else. Thanks for in help.

Search words 1970 ddriveline 351 4V nets this on our site.

Just to clarify, is this a FMX or a 4 speed transmission in your car?

Sorry, 4 speed.

70 Blue Cat,

Here is some information from the Ford MPC regarding your question.

Drive Shaft Length-53 ¼”
Diameter- 2 ¾”
28 Spline
U-Joint Span 3 ¼”

Drive Shaft Length -53 1/32”
Diameter- 3”
28 Spline
U-Joint Span 3 5/8”

U-Joint Span is measured laying flat with the bearing caps installed.
If anyone disagrees, please say so.


I just ordered a new driveshaft from Dead Nuts On in Northern California for my Standard Coupe with a 351 and FMX, it took about a week to get it, it fit perfectly and appears to be a quality piece, pretty reasonably priced and solved the vibration problem I have been dealing with for the last year , you may consider contacting them if you need a new driveshaft.
(Just google Dead Nuts On and you should be able to get to their website)

Thanks, found there website.