Drum and shoe size question

Does anyone know what size drum and brake shoes would have come on a '68 XR-7 GT? I can’t take the brake apart to measure because the car will have to get on a flatbed to go to a shop but I need to get them the parts before that can happen.

It’s rather non invasive to pull a wheel and drum. Then you can measure the width of the shoe. Common widths are 1.75” and 2.25”. Might as well document the inner diameter since you have access.

My non GT big block car has 1.75” width shoes. I suspect the rear end is not the original 9”. So had to confirm before ordering parts.

I just ran across this kit:


Since I have to redo the rear brakes anyway (the left rear caught fire, so I need to pretty much replace everything at that corner), this is a tempting option.

The shop manual tells you that.

Manual - sizes for 390CID

Wheel cylinder bore 0.813"
Drum diameter 10"
Shoe width 1.75"

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Perfect, Leon! Thanks for the information.