Drum brake shoe retracting assist spring

Relatively new to this site and Cougar ownership. I’m doing a complete replacement of my 67’s brake system. Anyone out there know if there is a source for the “shoe retracting assist spring” used on the front 10” drum brakes? The spring is 7” long and goes from primary to secondary shoe directly below the wheel cylinder. The spring has a 1/2” coil at each end and a slight curve in the middle so it tucks up in below the wheel cylinder. It was also used on early/mid 70’s Ford trucks I’m seeing but they run in the 8”-9” range and are too long. The spring is not included in any hardware replacement kits and NAPA can only find the longer springs. Online searches had been fruitless. I’d even settle for used as mine have been in contact with the bottom of the wheel cylinder and have a wear spot in the middle that is ready to break. Thanks.

Have you checked West Coast Classic Cougar, or National Parts Depot?

Yep. Checked them first.

I looked at Rock Auto and NAPA and did not find that spring… Here is a picture from my Motors manual,

I don’t have a 67 Ford Shop manual, but I’m sure it is the same.
I have a 1970 Ford Shop Manual, the diagram does not have that spring…

I have no idea why or when Ford deleted that spring. I don’t know if it was found to be redundant, or some other changed were made. Keep looking for the spring.

Thanks for taking the time to look that info up. That is the spring. I have a 67 shop manual and it has essentially the same pic. (First thing I do when I buy a new car is invest in a shop manual. Money well spent.) I will keep searching. If I have to I could just leave those springs out since it is an “assist” spring, but I don’t like to do that kind of stuff with my cars. For whatever reason the brakes were engineered with that spring as part of a system. I’d like to keep that integrity. However I’m not comfortable using the existing springs because as worn as they are in the middle they’re gonna break and I really don’t want that happening when I’m rolling down the road.

I too have been looking for these springs with no luck.

If you get a chance, can you post a picture of the spring next to a ruler? It would help with a search (I dont have access to measure the distance between the shoes on the car.)

I agree that they must have put them on for a purpose otherwise they would have eliminated its expense.


That spring is Ford part # C2OZ-6035-D. It was not used after 1970 model year, so it was most likely deemed unnecessary. It’s not in any of the hardware kits and if you search on the part #, you’ll find that lots of people came up to dead end searches.

IMO, you don’t really need it.

Actual part number is C2OZ-2035-D.
All six thousand series part numbers are engine assembly numbers/parts Nothing to do with the brakes. And according to the MPC, that spring is 6 1/4" long with 5/8" diameter coils at each end. Blue in color.

Here is a pic of the spring. It is actually 7" for my '67 base coupe with 10" power drums.