DSO Code?

Hi Guys,
1967 Cougar with a DSO of 84, translates to Home Office Reserve.
Can someone explain to me what that is?

You are mistaken. DSO 84 is Home office reserve. Home Office Reserve DSO codes are typically cars purchased or leased by Ford employees. You can obtain a Marti Report to determine exactly what your car was sold as originally.

All of the DSO codes are accounted for for the entire run of '67 Cougars. And there were no 67 DSO codes. 1 car was blank. Probably the best thing to do would be to post the entire door data tag and see what you’ve got. Mis-stamps did happen. And welcome to the forum!

Sorry Guys. I mis-typed. DSO is 84.

Another thing to remember about DSO codes. Ford and Mercury did not use the same numbers. IE, Ford for Seattle DSO was 74. Mercury was 54. As Royce said, Neither Ford or Mercury used code 67. But as Bill said. Mis stamping’s happened.

A Marti Report would give you some of the missing details and certainly is worth ordering to learn more about your car. Have you visited http://www.cougarclub.org and entered the door tag information into the VIN decoder. What else can you share about your car?

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So would a Marti Report tell me more than just reiterating what I already know, that DSO 84 is Home Office Reserve?

Skip that last question. I just called the people over at Marti Works and they told me the report would give no more information than decoding the tag does so they cannot expand on the DSO code info.

Gavin, thanks for posting all the info.

No guarantee, but the Marti report might list what the DSO84 car was purchased for. Some reports list as engineering, sales, marketing, lease etc.

My XR7-G is a DSO 84 and the Marti reports states it was purchased as a Pool vehicle for the L-M Los Angles SLS office PICO-Rivera, CA which fits with the rest of the history on the Cougar.

Well, maybe I’ll give them another try.

Everybody should have a Marti Report on their Cougar.

We Mercury/Ford enthusiasts are very lucky those are available.

G looks terrific Brian! :beerchug:

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Greg, to get the info that Brian mentioned above (purpose of the Home Office use), you will probably have to purchase the Deluxe Marti Report ($40), as opposed to the Basic Marti Report ($15). The Basic only gives the DSO and a dealer number, while the Deluxe gives the actual order type and the name / address of the dealer that ordered it, like Brian stated.

Not sure who you spoke with at Marti Auto, but there is more to be learned. DSO 84 could have several meanings, and they can indeed tell you if the car was one of the following order types:

  1. Employee purchase 2. Employee lease 3. Factory show unit 4. Pool vehicle (there are others)
    99 percent of these DSO 84 cars are employee lease or employee purchase.

Here is a Deluxe Marti Report for the Ride of the Month this month. It is a bit curious as it shows the DSO as 32 but clearly it was ordered by Ford as a Product Planning / Styling Vehicle. I am not sure what that means, but Marti Reports can hold all kinds of little gems like that.

It is too bad that Lois Eminiger was not able to save the 1968 Cougars invoices (1969 Dearborn to 1973 only are available from Kevin Marti) as those will sometimes provide additional information.

Looking at other Marti reports with 84 DSO I found that a report can include where the car was shipped, if it was part of a special order (and will include that order number)

Home Office Reserve appears to be somewhat of a catch-all used for many different purposes. in 68 it was used to route the Shelbys though the term “home office reserve was used” they used a 8D rather than the 84 coding on the door tags

A few examples

Noticed that most appear to be nothing really special or cars that would stand out at first look- well except for the first example