Dynacorn 1 piece floor pan?

So, there is a ‘local’ mustang parts supplier, “Colorado Mustang” That had a booth at the last Tri state swap meet. I went out and got a RF passenger floor board, and a complete, one piece replacement for the crapped out floor in my convertible. So here is the question- The guy mentioned that the flange edges along the left and right side are folded down. He thought that the edges might have to be folded ‘up’ for the 'vert. Has anyone here used the part yet?

Floor pans are intricate. As you remove the old one, be careful not to move the car much. You will have to adjust the pan fit, this may include, (depending on how much material you remove from original) folding up your new pan.
You may find it easier to remove the old in a way that allows cutting in the new, keeping away from sill edges.
The original pan at the foot wells is much stronger and more durable than replacement, so if you can knock the rust off it, treat it, and coat it with a good rubberized coating, it will save you some concern in your completed project.
I have used rust removal gel,(pink on turns black) with Scott towels soaked atop the treat area, left for days, and the results were phenomenal.

Thanks for that! Like a lot of convertibles, mine is bad in the front and rear areas. I had the choice of buying two full size full length parts for both sides, but it seemed labor wise it made more sense. I understand there may also be an issue with the seat risers? I got new pieces with the pan. My guy that is going to do this labor for me has a lift in his shop, but also can get under the lift to work. A really good set up!

Many replacement floorpans (especially older) have the side edges facing down. I was told the new tooling made the fab easier to turn them down after pressing. I’m not sure if it would affect rigidity but those in the know would see it. On ones I used I heated the bend with a torch and reworked it in a brake.

The one I got from NPD for my 70 CJ Cougar has the outer flanges pointing up.

Wow- mine are pointed down. I want to believe that my convertible will be worth some money if I do avoid job on it. However I don’t think it will be worth less, if it has a new, sturdy but “incorrect” floor pan in it. I’m really looking forward to getting some it ticket items accomplished this year. Eventually I will be able to drive all of them, where and whenever I want-