E brake cables with a QP 9" with disc brakes

I have installed a Quick Performance 9" rear axle with disc brakes. I was told that the stock e brake cables would fit. Not the case at all. They are approx. 6" to long. Anyone have the solution or where to find the correct e-brake cables for this application?

1967 Cougar base model, btw…

Possibly shorten the cable connector. Or maybe another Ford product. Maverick?

BTW the long cable is the one your looking for (pass side )

Around mid vehicle there’s some sort of clasp/slide pully. I’d look at getting or making a shorter version. Also a shorter ball link. That would take up a bunch of cable length.

I installed a QP 9" with the Ford Performance (Explorer) disc brakes over the summer. I used the universal parking brake cable kit that QP sells. I think it’s actually a Lokar kit. There’s not a lot of travel in the parking brake handle, but it seems to hold well and installation was not too difficult. I managed to route the cable from the passenger side along the panel that runs up behind the back seat without any sharp bends.

Thanks. The issue is the cable housing is too long going to a disk brake. Using drum brakes the cable enters the backing plate at the bottom. The disk brake cable mount is on top. In order to go from the mounting bracket for the cable on the car, to the mounting hole for the cable on the rear axle the housing needs to be shorter. Both rear e-brake cables are the same length side to side. Was curious if anyone knows what set of cable to use when going to a disc brake set up.

Ill check out the maverick cables. I do know that the brake lines that mount to the rear calipers are off an explorer so wonder if explorer cables will do the trick… Searching for clues… lol.

Thanks for all the feedback Cougar dudes!

Calico, thx man. Exactly the feedback I was looking for. I asked the giuys at QP and they were the ones that told me the stock cables would work, and I call after you shared the pix and yes, they have the Wilwood universal kit, and I bought it for $100.00. Looks just like what you showed in the pic.

Thx for the help!

Use motorcycle brake cable clamps. About $1 a piece. Shorten the cable as needed.