Early C8 casting

Need and engine for your GT-E ? Here’s a possible chance to put this engine where it belongs!



You’re advised to verify this. Remove the side oiler, install the 390 from the back of the garage, sell off the Galaxie and you’ll have your GT-E engine for a nice price and some sweat equity.

Sounds easy, right?

Based on comments in that guys feedback I would exercise caution.

That is a GT-E prototype dated block. I have seen that exact date on another one somewhere.

If it’s legit I would think it has to be. Mine is 7G1

The same date is on the documented original block used in a March 1968 W code GT-E.

That seems pretty far off. Is this an anomaly or are there others?

I don’t know any statistics, or if any one would know. I just know it is what it is, documented as original, still in the hands of the original owner when I photographed it.

He has more photos of the block and date casting on the “image shack” link attached to the auction. It sure looks legit at first glance. Does anyone see anything different?

If I remember correctly, the other 7F27 block I saw was in ccarney’s Feb. or March built GT-E. Maybe he will chime in.

I checked the ‘67 calendar and June 27 was on a Tuesday and July 1 was on a Saturday.

Made the mistake of watching his video. 7:30 of my life I’ll never get back. He’s pretty proud of that Galaxie considering it’s kind of a POS.

Mine is a 7F27 block. It has an I scratch on the back bulkhead. I also found a possible assembly date on the bottom oil pan flange at the back of the block off to the side, that date is 7L13. The car is a C14 build.

How bad is it? I love those cars.

It’s not horrible, but if it wasn’t for the whole side oiler thing you’d look right past it.