Ebay Junk Listings

I may be behind the times but I just found out a tip on doing ebay searches that eliminates the junk listings - i.e. floor mats, car covers, wheel covers etc

add the itmes you don’t want retuned to with a minus sign at the end of the search

1971 cougar -mats -covers -cover -bolts -caps - adding the “-” with items you don’t want to search for reduced the results from 14069 items to 1158

This removers the majority of the “also fits” items.

Yes you are a little behind the times. :poke:

Another good way is to eliminate certain sellers. There’s a whole slew of jackasses that list generic stuff that has nothing to do with Cougars. You know the type, companies like Nopi. :buck:

how do you exclude certain sellers?

When you get to the search results there will be a box on the left side that will allow you to exclude sellers.

That is pretty cool, although it would not let me save the search with all the exclusions. The -search thing does not work. Just tried several different words of little to no importance and it just reduces the list to 1300 or so no matter what the -word I enter. Try it. -brake, -cover, -waterproof, -candy, -fruit, - vegetables

After you get your new search results you need to manually save it. It won’t save if you just add the parameters, you have to click through first.

yeah maybe I exclude too many sellers, because I got an error that said we cannot save your search at this time. I will try again.

It doesn’t work for me.Every time I try -overpriced and -junk the same listings come up.