Edelbrock 1405 rebuild

Well my 1405 600 cfm Edelbrock carb on my 351C has taken a dump. It’s barely running. I put my sons Holley that is on his 70 351C in his Ranchero on my car and it runs perfectly. My car has been sitting for over 6 months while I was redoing the dash. I drove it twice last week and it ran great but I’m now it runs like crap.

Is rebuilding a 1405 difficult? I was thinking of buying the rebuild kit from Summit and giving it a gander. I don’t have a dip tank so I was hoping to buy a couple cans of carb cleaner. Any thoughts?

Also, I see that there is a calibration kit available fro the 1405. How hard is that to play with to dial my carb in.



Not terribly difficult to do the rebuild. The calibration kit, I have no experience with. I say GFI( go for it ).

The Edelbrock/Carter carbs are easy to work on. Yes, definitely buy the tuning kit. The owners manual for the Edelbrock carb gives good explanation on tuning and is easy to follow. If you don’t have the paper copy, I believe you can find it online.

I know nothing about anything when it comes to carbs, more or less. And I easily rebuilt my 1406 (same carb except for choke) over the winter, piece of cake. I used a couple cans of carb cleaner, no basket. The hardest part was removing one of the gaskets for one of the primarys which was stuck to the body and had to be scraped out carefully (I used a jewlers screwdriver) but other than that, nothing even slightly difficult.

I haven’t got my choke and high idle settings dialed in right after reassembly, but other than that it’s all good.

I also got the jet/rod/spring kit, and kept everything stock except for I went one stage lean on the primary. I’ve noticed a bit of a stumble when accelerating from a stop using very little throttle, it bogs down slightly for just a second, but it only does that when cold. Once it’s warmed up it works like a champ.

Go for it, if you have any suspicion that your carb is at all dirty. It’s really not hard at all. Btw when you’re setting parts down to dry after dousing them with carb cleaner, don’t put them on a painted surface. I didn’t think about it, but the residual carb cleaner just ate right into the paint. Luckily it was just a wooden handrail on my back porch, so the little messed up areas on the paint are of no consequence. I did have to re-clean those parts though, with the paint goo that got on them.