Edelbrock 1406 Carburetor

I currently have a Holley 600 cfm on my 69 351W. I also have an Edelbrock performer intake manifold. The Holley is OK, but is not new and it has been rebuilt. I am just looking for input on if anyone has put an Edelbrock 1406 600 cfm electric choke 4bbl on there Cougar? Just wondering on the plug and play aspect of the Edelbrock, ease of tuning, throttle cable hook up and reliability. All input is appreciated.

I’ve used the 1406 on multiple cars and always found it reliable. Right now I have one on each of our two GT’s. They rarely need tuning. The one on BBCat hasn’t been touched since it was installed several years ago. The one on B3Cat was just installed in the spring but was driven from central MA to Carlisle, PA and back with no adjustments needed.

The Edelbrock carb has problems fitting on a Ford product. Your stock air cleaner won’t fit, and the fuel line is on the wrong side of the carburetor. You will also notice the car is slower after installing the Edelbrock 600 CFM, because Edelbrock carbs do not flow as much air as a similarly rated Holley.

If I were going to use an Edelbrock carburetor on a 351 I would get the 750CFM rated version. It is about equivalent to a 650CFM Holley in performance, and is perfect for a 351.

That being said I would never buy another Edelbrock carburetor since from my experience they offer no advantage over a Holley.

They don’t leak is enough advantage for me. Plus they are super easy to tune. And tuning adjustments can be made without draining a quart of fuel. I’ve had a couple Edelbrocks on vehicles that haven’t been fiddled with in over a decade. Racecars run Holleys. At the age of 40 my back hurts, give me something that is set-it and forget it. I run Edelbrocks.

I prefer Holleys but if I were to go Edelbrock i would go with the later design based on the Carter AVS Rather than the Old Carter AFB based Carb which the 1406 is.

If you have to pass strenuous smog tests, the Edlebrock offers a broader range of adjustment than the Holley. Other wise the Holley works very well on Fords.

I’ve used The Eddy on a few cars. Never had an issue w/ them. I’ve always been a holley guy, but the Eddy carb performs just fine, has more “tuneability” as far as fuel curve, and if properly tuned, runs like stink without the leaks and tune holding problems.

The last engine build I did, actually had a problem w the Holley 3310 having a warped flange creating a vacuum leak, when I sent them the photos as well as the receipt for the brand new carb, they basically told me I was on my own, and just took a $350 bath.

That’s the reason I would go with the Eddy, or if you want something similar to a Holley, a Barry Grant or Quik Fuel.

This is why I also run an Edelbrock 1406 on my 351W. Install , set it and forget it. Yeah, I had to fab up the fuel inlet lines with a/n hose and fittings, and yeah, I had to engineer up pedal linkage, but it was fairly simple and I am happy with it. No leaks and no stuck open floats like I experienced with holleys.

I am leaning at replacing the Holley for the Edelbrock. Does Edelbrock make throttle linkage adaptors that will work on our Cougars or do we have to mock up something ourselves? I would think they make something that fits Mustangs and that should fit our Cougars.

If you run an AOD along with a Lokar KD2AOD-HT cable, then you just connect it to the lower hole on the throttle arm. No worries about the linkage for the rod.

I have 2 #1406’s on 351 W’s, one a '69 Cougar and the other a '69 Cyclone both w/Weiand Stealth manifolds. It’s no big deal fabbing a gas line to go to the pass side. I had to fab a longer kick down rod for the Cougar from aluminum round tubing flattened on both ends and a drilled hole in each end. The stock air cleaner fit perfect on the Cyclone as the engine sits lower and closer to the firewall compared to the Cougar.
Both brands of carbs are good, no doubt about it. That Edel carb when tuned and with everything proper will be fine. Both of my cars run great and the carbs never give me any trouble. Bear in mind both cars are just 310ish horsepower cars, not Doomsday machines. If you want to blow off new Corvettes you’ll probably need more carb than any 600 c.f.m. carb can give you. Do what’s best for you.

I have a stock FMX trans and the stock throttle cable right now.

I have a Performer 351, though not being used. I recall it’s within just a hair of the stock manifold height. So either carb you choose should go on without drama although expect to do a little fiddling. You should be just fine with the factory carb to manifold spacer. I feel the Performer’s for a little baby doll cruiser so a 600 c.f.m. carb will be fine if everything’s proper. Rebuilding and tuning both the Holley or Edelbrock carbs is pretty straight forward and there are good books to tell you how. You don’t need a PhD. in fuel systems to do it. I had a Holley 600 on a 351W Eliminator and it ran great. The Edelbrock is good. Follow the directions, keep everything clean, have a good pump, filter, lines etc. and go down the road with a smile on your face.