Electric Choke Hook Up

I have installed an Edelbrock 600 carb on my 67. Everyone says hook the electric choke wire to the STA port on the alternator for the required 12 volts. After several attempts which didn’t work, I installed a rebuilt alternator, and hooked the choke wire to the STA Port. I still am not getting the 12 volts. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks.


I have to ask the obvious - you are checking for voltage with the engine running, right? The STA won’t put out the full 12V you’re expecting. It varies, but is generally in the 10 volt range. Ford says the STA output is acceptable above 6VDC at 1000 RPM.

The alternator STA output is generally about 7.5VDC. I don’t know about Edelbrock but the Holley manual states the electronic choke must be connected to 12VDC.

I installed a 12VDC relay and connected the relay coil to the STA and chassis ground. Then I connected battery 12VDC to the relay common and connected the relay NO(normally open) to the choke. With this setup, the only time the relay is energized is when the engine is actually running. If the choke is connected to the ignition switch 12VDC output, any time the ignition switch is on the choke will be heating up even if the engine isn’t running.



Thank you for your responses. Yes. I tested with the car running and the STA port is putting out 7.5 volts. I will have to try and find some other way to get the necessary 12 volts.


My STA puts out 7.5v at 1000 RPM. I have had Edelbrock and now a Holley electric choke hooked to it for years with no problem. Is your choke not opening at all or opening too slow?

My Holley electric choke also works just fine connected to the STA terminal. FWIW.

Thanks for your responses. Maybe I don’t have the choke adjusted right. It doesn’t appear to open fast enough. Again, it is very cold here in South Carolina at this time. Usually it is warm here even in the winter and not much choke is required. I have to open the carb flap before the car will start. Thanks.


Cold is the best time to adjust it. :thumbup: I set mine to just barely close when cold, on the coldest day I can, then fine tune it if needed.

I’ll third the STA works fine comments. My Holley works great hooked up to the STA. Sounds like your choke needs some adjustment. Just a thought, is your ground wire hooked up on the choke?