Electric Steering?

Has anyone heard/done this?

A kit is available.

It’s been done before. Lots of work. More details:

There is a massive thread on the vintage mustang forum using all types of OEM EPAS systems. The feedback from guys that have done it are all very positive but it is alot of work and you have to tackle the electrical correctly or its a headache. Also there is a kit available that was posted above which is all inclusive and IMO worth the cost over the junkyard DIY option. (You will offset the cost in labor time alone) I would like to attempt this down the road as well using the above kit. I really like the fact you can ditch everything under the hood and free up space, no chance of leaks etc. It certainly crowds under the dash however so that may be a give and take for some. Another bonus is you can dial in your assist for your type of driving. No more over or under assist.

That electrical setup looks intimidating. There is that popular Borgeson upgrade. I guess that’s to boring. Isn’t there some way to adjust the boost in those?