Electrical problem on 1969 mercury cougar

I need advice about the cougar. On right rear tail light there was voltage for brake light when not suppose to be there. I checked the turn signal switch a there was no voltage on either wire for brake light there when brakes applied so voltage was coming somewhere to turn the right brake light on. Today I changed the turn signal switch an there is voltage there for both lights for brakes. Both brake lights come on now. However when I apply brakes the right turn signal light comes on dash even though turn signal not turned on. The left turn signal works good. The right turn signal won’t work unless I lift my foot off brake then the right turn signal works an also some current bleeds over to the left signal. Like extra voltage on right signal. Please reply so I can fix the lights. Thank you.

I fixed the problem

If you don’t mind. What was the fix?

Somebody in the past had the orange an blue wire connected to a solid green wire togeather in the trunk for some reason I disconnected the wires fixed now.

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