Eliminator blackout trim

Should the area on the inside of the fenders, around the headlights and tail lights be blacked out on an Eliminator? If yes, is it a Matte black?

You need to state if you are asking about a 1969 or a 1970 Eliminator.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Like Randy said, it depends on if it’s a '69 or '70.

'69 did not have any blackout on the tail light panel behind the tail lights, just body color.

The '70 did have blackout on the tail panel behind the tail lights.

For '70 the front area around and behind the headlights is blacked out, including the inside of the fender.

On the '69 the headlight assemblies were black, but the fender itself was not. Kind of difficult to describe…