Eliminator or hoax? What do I have?

Hi, I’m new. Bought a place and this ( along w a handful for old Ford pick ups) was down in the back. I was under the impression that it was an Eliminator due to the hood, spoiler, wheels, exhaust…
But I’ve just been told that it’s a stock '69 w some aftermarket stuff on it. The VIN sticker is toast, can’t see a thing. I do have the Ford warranty # and info from the door but honestly I have no idea where to start looking.
I’d like to sell it but i really dont want to misrepresent what it is, or waste anyone’s time. “StonedAcres 1970 mecury cougar” is a walk around I posted the other day on YouTube. Thanks a lot for any info

My user name on YouTube is Sircat, My reasons for thinking it is not a Eliminator are, and in no order, Side view mirror is not a sport mirror. This has the rocker moldings, The bucket seats look to be adjustable headrest seats,(Eliminators got high back seats). It looks like the original color was a Badge or Tan, not an eliminator color, The instruments and bezels are for a base Cougar not what was used on an Eliminator. But if it were White that would be a Eliminator color. The Grill should be mostly Blacked out.
Things I can not tell in the video is what engine it had from the factory, That will be in the VIN. The 5th character needs to be a M(351 4V) S (390 4V) Q(428CJ non Ram Air) R(428CJ Ram Air) or a G(Boss 302) The Boss was only available in a Eliminator. I can see this has an Automatic transmission so we can rule out a Boss 302. If that 5th character is a H then it surly can not be an Eliminator as that is for a 351 2V that was not available in the Eliminator.
Regardless if this is or is not(as I suspect) this can be a fun car and has some value in parts. If you did not over spend you should be able to do well with it. Personally I wouldn’t put much money in to it due to rust. I can find more solid cars near me. But that does not mean somebody should not revive it. Just my thought for me.
You can get a production report from here, https://www.martiauto.com/martireports.cfm. I recommend the deluxe report.
Good luck.

Here is a link to his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNGOHuGiiRo

I see lots of things that tell me it’s not an Eliminator and a few minor things that do. Looks to be extremely rusty and dented, has not run in many years and would take a herculean effort to make it decent. Looks like it was a pale yellow color originally. Interior is not Eliminator. Rocker moldings and all the things Neal pointed out - not available on Eliminator.

Where are you located?

69 Eliminators did come with rocker moldings, but no fender trim!

Did not know that! What about vinyl tops? Standard on Eliminator too?

I stand corrected on that. Nice Eliminator…

Carlton (catlover) has one of the finest Eliminators in all the land!

  • Phillip

No Eliminators left the factory with a vinyl top.
No Eliminators left the factory with wheel lip moldings.
1969 Eliminators came with rocker moldings as Carleton stated.
No 1970 Eliminators left the factory with rocker moldings.

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Thanks Dave!

Thanks guys! Appreciate all the expertise.

If you do get that Cougar let us know. Lot of people like to help. Though sometimes it may not seem like it.