Eliminator tires f70 14

What brand/script would have been correct for a 69 eliminator?
My marti report states f70x14 traction tires with raised white letters……would it be the Goodyears that say “poly glass”??
Thanks !!!

I think they would be Goodyear Polyglas no size like this:

I do not think very many “Ford family” cars came with Goodyear tires. Henry Ford had a great relationship with Mr. Firestone and that is all I have ever seen on new Fords; Firestone.

If you have the build-sheet, does it say on there? Another way may be to get a Marti report on it if you want to be certain.

1969 and early 1970’s came with F70x14. They were generally no size Goodyears. If you have a different make they will be called out on the Eminger invoice or the buildsheet. I have seen invoices with a brand called out such as Firestone and a hand written notation to substitute the requested make due to supply issues.

Firestone was very rare in 1967 - 68. I’ve never seen a tire brand on a Marti Report called out that was not Goodyear - never.

Here is an invoice for a 1970 with a “Firestone” call out.

The Firestone brand may not appear in a Marti Report, but ‘Wide Oval’ is a trademark just as 'Poly-Glass GT is for Goodyear. https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/interpreting-deluxe-marti-report/10490/7

And it’s not a 67 - 68 either.

And it doesn’t say Firestone. None do that I have seen.

I know that the origin topic for this thread pertains to the tire brand and type available for the 1969 Eliminator. If you are taking about a Marti Report only on the 1969 Eliminator that is understandable as to the available options and what was standard. Since mention of the 1967-68 models came up to which it was said that Firestone tires were considered rare with Goodyear being the majority, I reposted the Marti Report to my own 67 as it came with the F70-14 Wide Ovals.

My 1970 Cougar Eliminator window sticker has “F70X14 BLTD TRACTN TIRES” " 13.00.

Hi All, I am lucky enough to have a early 67 GT- that has only 41,000 original miles and a 70 Eliminator. Saw this post. My GT is a late 1966 model and does have Firestone tires on it. This is the original spare and Marti report. I hope this helps a little?
marti 1.jpg
firestone 3.jpg
Firestone 2.jpg