Eliminators on the Market (August 2017)

Had a great time at the Cascade Cougar Club PROWL last weekend! Was good to see everyone, the turnout was great, and so was the weather!

As always, if you know of an Eliminator for sale or are looking for an Eliminator, please feel free to post here, or contact me. I’ll do my best to help you find the Eliminator you are looking for, or help find a new home for your Eliminator, if possible. Send me a PM or email me directly at: EliminatorSearch@CougarClub.org

Also, be sure to check out the Eliminator Owners and Enthusiast group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/
You don’t need to have a Facebook account or be a group member to browse!

Don’t be shy about commenting or asking about a car in the list. Folks here are always happy to help answer questions or concerns.

Listings as of August 7th

You Can’t Buy This Car Anywhere… But You May Win It!
*'69 Hertz Eliminator raffle has been extended due to not enough tickets being sold.
'69 w/ 351, auto. Competition Orange, black interior. Sunroof! Marti Report. Runs and drives but needs restored.
Previous Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14716856@N06/sets/72157665448200883/
1 of 101 Sunroof Eliminators built for Hertz in 1969!

'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Competition Green, Black Decor Interior. Marti Report. In NY for $50k
Email: brianmcdermott2001@yahoo.com or Phone: (518) 796-1347
Current Pics: https://goo.gl/photos/GVP5C9nsvphhmqcE8
Previously sold by WCCC, everyone has probably seen this car before!

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Gold, Black Standard Interior. Marti Report. In MA, for $45k
2011: http://www.boss302.com/smf/index.php?topic=52022.0;all

'69 w/ 351W, Auto. Blue Metallic, White Interior (refinished). Marti Report. In KS for $23k
Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/UjSHh
Contact Randy Kittelson: 620-218-9440 (cell), or via email at Oldgas54@yahoo.com

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed Super Drag Pak. Competition Orange, Black Standard Interior. Docs. In TN for $125k.
*This car was owned by Frank Bowers previously, as well as Jeff Mays.
It is also the same car once owned by WWE Wrestler John Cena; http://www.motortrend.com/news/wwe-wrestler-john-cena-celebrity-drive/

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Blue, White Interior. Marti Report. In Ontario, for $31k
Images here: http://imgur.com/a/e85Uc
Contact Rod McLeod at rsmcleod@gmail.com

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Orange, Black Decor Interior. Original window sticker. In TN, for $70k.
Contact David & Reeda Lloyd at 423-569-2838, or by email at ReedaLloyd@icloud.com
*This car was featured in Hi-Performance Cars magazine in 1982, and has changed very little since then! It has been carefully stored and tended to by the 7th owner for the last 26 years, accumulating only 2000 miles during his ownership.
Pictures can be seen here (including the Magazine article): http://imgur.com/a/gUpDN

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Orange, black standard interior (originally Houndstooth!). Marti and Buildsheets. In VA for $82k
Contact Olaf at olaf.herrick@comcast.net
Evenings after 7pm 540 538 6302
Featured in Legendary Cougar Magazine: http://legendarycougar.bctpublishing.com/viewer/viewer.php?path=vol_2/iss_4&page=15&preview=1

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Orange, Black Decor Interior. In TN, for $95k.

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Blue, Black Standard Interior. In NY for $62.5k, and on eBay.

'70 w/ 351C, 4-speed (wide-ratio). Competition Green with black decor interior (originally Houndstooth interior!). Marti Report. In TX for $40k.
Restoration pics here: https://www.facebook.com/darrell.nordeen/media_set?set=a.140794280446.231887.756995446&type=3
If you are interested, contact Darrell Nordeen: 3614552398, or email Darrell.nordeen@gmail.com

'70 w/ 351C, 4-speed (wide-ratio). Competition Green, Black Standard Interior. Marti Report. In MI for $69.9k
Previous listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Mercury-Cougar-Eliminator-/232287253755
Previous Walk-around video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OidUtjxFv08

'70 w/ 351, auto. Competition Blue, Black Standard Interior. Marti Report. In MA, for $32k
Previous eBay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Mercury-Cougar-/122464649285

'69 w/ 351, auto. White, with white interior (currently a white XR-7 interior). Docs. In SC for $20k
More pics and details here: http://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?106890-1969-Cougar-eliminator-for-sale-South-Carolina-Asking-28k-ps-tilt-disc-non-ac-at-351
*Contact John Skinner at 8436701602 (text is best), or email jskinner1@msn.com

'70 w/ 351, 4-speed (*factory 3-speed car). Competition Yellow, Black standard Interior. Marti report. In TX for $33,995.
*Previously sold at Mecum Dallas in Nov2016 for $19k, and Mecum Chicago for $20k.

'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto (now a 4-speed). Competition Orange, black & white houndstooth interior. In GA for $42.5k
Recent eBay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Mercury-Cougar-/222454779458

'69 w/ 428CJ, auto. Bright Yellow, black interior. Restored. Marti Report. In FL for $62k.
Widow is downsizing her collection. Mike and Randy are helping spread the word, and weed out looky-loos.
Contact Mike at 850-380-7324, or email mike@ptac.com days / ford706@aol.com nights
Or contac Randy at Ran1cobra@yahoo.com
*This one was a Hemmings Blog “find of the day” back in 2010: http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2010/06/03/hemmings-find-of-the-day-1969-mercury-cougar-eliminator/

'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Special Paint Order (Dark Aqua Metallic), black decor interior. Project Original drive train is missing, currently has a 302 / C4. Car is rusty. Price is $20k (Canadian dollars). Robert can be reached at: Mekanikbob@hotmail.ca
Some info / discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/permalink/917826854932443/
More Pics and Marti, here: http://imgur.com/a/CEgRA

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Green, white interior. Hertz Sunroof Eliminator Project. In Utah.
Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/Dr25G
Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/permalink/889899674391828/
*This one was listed previously in 2012 by the same owner.
Dave Munson: sonofmun70@gmail.com
0F91M537631 = 1 of 100 Hertz sunroof Eliminators in 1970

'70 w/ 351C, 4-speed (originally 3-speed). Competition Blue, white standard interior. In FL for $65k
Little C’s Custom - Port Orange, FL ・ (573)-754-0371
Other discussions: http://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?108081-70-Eliminator-trifecta

'70 w/ 351, auto. Competition Green, Houndstooth Decor Interior. In FL for $115k!
Other discussions: http://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?108081-70-Eliminator-trifecta

Ok, this car really deserves its own thread. Museum quality and worth every penny!

'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Competition Blue, Black Decor Interior. Docs. In WA for $135k

It was also previously a Ride of the Month winner, in December 2012;

Also have a private sale to mention…

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Yellow, Black Standard Interior. Docs. In WA for $30k.
*I need to upload pics, but headed to bed for now - sorry!
Contact Dennis Neilson at boss.neilson@hotmail.com or 360-520-2466

One just turned up in my backyard.

“1969 Cougar Eliminator 351 cu in, four Barrel, FMX auto, Dual exhaust. Low Miles. not running needs restoration. $12,000 or best offer. no low ball offers (I can always post it on EBay).”

I’ll report back after I look at it.


Why can’t he wash this poor thing before trying to sell it?

I bet he took more time blocking out the license number then a quick wash would have taken. I hope this one finds a new home fast.

What’s the story on this one? According to their web site the drawing was supposed to be June 24th.

Did not sell enough tickets. I believe it has been pushed to a later date.

I would get it running, put tires on it, wash it and drive it. I like it…

Have you seen it? I have tried to see this car since it was posted. The guy responds via email but always has some excuse for not being available. Won’t send his phone number despite me sending mine.

John, I haven’t seen the car. The seller was out of town over the weekend and said he would call but I never heard back…

Yeah, I’ve been playing email tag with the guy as well. Just sent a new email this morning to try and get in contact with the guy.
If I lived closer I’d drive by and knock on his door, LOL! …probably get chased away with a shotgun or have the dogs sic’d on me too!

Here is a new eBay listing…

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Green, Black Decor Interior. “Survivor”. Marti Report. In CT.

Just heard back from him. Someone is looking at it tonight. Don’t know who. I hope to be the next one. He says he is going in order people contacted him.

John, if you can, please at least get a VIN for this one so that we can update the Eliminator Registry and tag the pics in the database.

Just got an email reply via CL “Sorry it sold”.


'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Competition Green, Black Decor Interior. Marti Report. In NY for $50k
Email: > brianmcdermott2001@yahoo.com > or Phone: (518) 796-1347
Current Pics: > https://goo.gl/photos/GVP5C9nsvphhmqcE8
Previously sold by WCCC, everyone has probably seen this car before!

Now on eBay with $40k starting bid and No Reserve! Also a $50k buy now.


Good luck, Brian!

Relisted on eBay and Craigslist…

'69 w/ 351, 4-speed. Competition Orange, Black interior. Marti Report. In RI for $29k


Competition Blue 428 C.J.-R C-6 auto. 3.50.1 Traction-Lok rear

According to the phone number listed, it is half of this listing:

Mike Johns’ Twin CJ Eliminators in Utah, all docs, $185k for the pair.
'70 w/ 428cj (ram-air), Auto. Competition blue, Houndstooth interior. Numbers matching. Marti report. *virtually unmolested when he bought it. All original sheet metal except for a NOS front fender.
'70 w/ 428cj (ram-air), Auto. Competition blue, black standard interior. Correct replacement engine. Marti report.
Both cars built on the same day.
Contact Mike at: cougman427@gmail.com

Could be a scam…too good to be true, usually is…