Eliminators on the Market (August 2022)

Updated Eliminators on the Market for August 2022. Hope everyone is getting their Cougars out and enjoying them this summer!

Scammers are using pictures from legitimate listings (old and current) and passing them off as their car that is for sale, at prices well below market value. Always verify the car is real and the VIN is legitimate by checking with the CCOA or Eliminator Registry.
Also be sure to order your own Marti Report. Scammers have been doctoring Marti’s and changing VINs. Marti will not charge you for an invalid VIN.
Never send a deposit without confirming there is actually a real Eliminator associated with the listing.
And as always, remember that if it is too good to be true then it is probably a scam.

Auction results and Eliminators that sold last month (price shown is listed price, or hammer price for auction cars)…

9F91G570308 - 1969 w/Boss 302, 4spd (Now 351/Auto). Bright Yellow, Black Interior. Docs. Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas (Lot #652.1), $36.3k (incl. fees)
9F91R565889 - 1969 w/428CJ, Auto. Bright Blue Metallic, White Interior. Docs. In NM for $75k.
0F91M514825 - 1970 w/351, Auto. Competition Blue, White Standard Interior. Docs. In IL for $60k.

As always, if you know of an Eliminator for sale or are looking for an Eliminator, please feel free to post here, or contact me. I’ll do my best to help you find the Eliminator you are looking for, or help find a new home for your Eliminator, if possible. Send me a PM or email me directly at: EliminatorSearch@CougarClub.org

Also, be sure to check out the Eliminator Owners and Enthusiast group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/

Don’t be shy about commenting or asking about a car in the list. Folks here are always happy to help answer questions or concerns.

Many more listings are showing up on Facebook these days. If you need contact info for a listing on Facebook just let me know and I’ll hook you up!

Listings as of August 3rd

'69 w/ 390, Auto. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Project. In MI for $8.5k → see new pics at the link below!

'69 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Orange, Black Interior. Project. In NM for $8.5k

'69 w/ 390, Auto. Bright Yellow, Black interior. Project. Docs. In MA, $13.5k

'70 w/ 351, 4-speed. Competition Blue, Blue Standard Interior. Project. Docs. In NE for $16k
Contact Kirk: kek5775@icloud.com
Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/gawYBFT

'69 w/ 390, 4-speed. Competition Orange, Black Interior. Project. No Docs. In FL for $35k
*Do your due diligence. Pics from an inspection performed in Aug 2016. Note the paint color on the unrestored body…

'69 w/ 351, Auto. Bright Yellow, Black interior. Docs. In OH, $40k

'69 w/ 351, Auto. Bright Yellow, Black Interior. No Docs. In TX, on consignment, Price Reduced: $45,995
This listing is through a 3rd party, and the owner is located in TX.

'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Special Paint (RED), Red Decor Interior. Docs. In WA (see listing for details)

'69 w/ 428SCJ (3.91 rear axle), 4-speed. Competition Orange (now Black), Black Interior. Docs. In Ontario, $70k

'69 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior (now BLACK). Docs. In VA for $79.9k

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Blue, White Standard Interior. Docs. In IL, $79,995

'69 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior (now Black). Docs. In CO for $90k
Or email Robert at: rjburkey@gmail.com

'70 w/ 428CJ, Auto. Competition Blue, Black Standard Interior. Docs. In CA for $149.8k

Headed back to auction…

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Yellow, Black & White Houndstooth Interior. Docs. Mecum Dallas, Lot# S116, Sept 10th.


*Previously sold for $85k at Mecum Glendale in March 2022.

*Do your due-diligence regarding the claim of “matching numbers” engine. In 2004 the VIN-stamped engine was reported in a Boss Mustang. Current engine shows no VIN-stamp.

Private sale by long-time owner.

'69 w/ 390, Auto. Competition Orange, Black Interior. Docs. In MD for $65k
Pics here: 9F91S563533 - 1969 Eliminator, 390-4V, C6 Auto.  Original Paint!  $65k. - Album on Imgur
Contact John at: jknowlden@aol.com

John has owned this car for 27 years, having bought it from Jack Karlskind. This car is in almost completely original paint, except for a partial repaint of the passenger door. The paint does show some age and wear (see pics for details), but remains very presentable. The underside is solid and original / unrestored (unfortunately, John has not been able to get pics of the undercarriage). This car was used in several Mercury Cougar books (see pics for details). The interior is original. John has a folder of receipts for all work performed during his ownership, such as rechromed bumpers and engine overhaul (performed in 1998).
Please contact John via email for more information or to arrange an inspection of this beautiful vechicle!

Now listed for auction on eBay;