Eliminators on the Market (November 2018)

November is here. Time to put the toys away for the year and start planning out those winter projects. Place some parts orders, pull some stuff apart for rebuild and repairs, clean up and prep for paint, etc, etc. Ok, I’m ready for spring to come around again.

If you know of an Eliminator for sale or are looking for an Eliminator, please feel free to post here, or contact me. I’ll do my best to help you find the Eliminator you are looking for, or help find a new home for your Eliminator, if possible. Send me a PM or email me directly at: EliminatorSearch@CougarClub.org

Also, be sure to check out the Eliminator Owners and Enthusiast group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/

Don’t be shy about commenting or asking about a car in the list. Folks here are always happy to help answer questions or concerns.

Listings as of November 1st

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Blue, Black Standard Interior. Docs. NY for $38k

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Competition Yellow, Houndstooth interior. Project. No Docs. In CA for $5.5k

'69 w/ 390, 4-speed. Competition Orange, White interior. Docs. In OH, on eBay.
Previous discussion: https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/eliminators-on-the-market-october-2018/9665/1
And here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/permalink/1868900953158357/

'70 w/ 428CJ (Ram-Air), Auto. Competition Green, Black Houndstooth Interior. Docs. Consigned Dan Kruse Classics, Lot: WAX18-003.

'69 w/ 351, Auto. Bright Yellow, Black Interior. Docs. In WV for $28k
*Kraig Iser’s car - long time owner.
*text: 13043034143 before 8:30pm

'69 w/ 351, Auto. Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs. In MN for $13.5k

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-Speed. Competition Orange, Houndstooth Interior. Docs. In WA, on Craigslist for $8.5k, and eBay.
Recent eBay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mercury-Cougar-Eliminator-BOSS-302-4-Speed-Rare-Trans-Am-Mercury-/173558362797
*Take a close look at all the pics. This is a big project.

'70 w/ 351, 4-speed (originally 3-speed). Competition Yellow, Black Standard Interior. Docs. In AR for $32,999
*Note, 3rd party seller has it listed here: https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1137291/1970-mercury-cougar-for-sale-in-cadillac-michigan-49601

'69 w/ 351, auto. White with white interior (currently a white XR-7 interior). Docs. In OH, on eBay for $34,995 or “Offer”.

'69 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed (close-ratio). Competition Orange, Black Interior. Docs. In PA for $59.9k
Previously on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/123034911574
Previously sold Mecum Indy, May 2017 for $44k (hammer price)

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed. Competition Gold, Black Standard Interior. Docs. In IA for $99,995k!
eBay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Cougar-Boss-302-Elimnator-/232988532290
Previously at Mecum Kissimmee Jan2018, where it bid to $70k (reserve not met) https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0118-312741/1970-mercury-cougar-boss-302-elimnator/
Some discussion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/473220306059769/permalink/1639207552794366/

'69 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed (wide-ratio). Bright Yellow, Black Interior. Docs. In IN for $65k.
*Original VIN-stamped engine block has been found. Dealer declined to purchase it. *Engine has been sold.
More info / details here: https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/location-east-coast-nos-and-used-cougar-parts/67/1

'69 w/ 351, 4-speed. White, Black interior. Marti Report. In MI for $8.5k

'70 w/ 351C-4V, 4-Speed (originally a 3-speed car). Competition Gold, Black Standard interior. In FL for $45k.
Contact Built Not Bought Customs in Florida.

Story of engine not starting likely due to vandalism to wiring system… this sounds like a nightmare to solve. Wouldn’t there be an easy way to by-pass the electric system to see if it cranks? Would your guess be that this car will require an entire re-wiring job?

Having never done anything like a re-wire I imagine it is extremely difficult to do and trouble shoot bugs out.

The current owner told me that they jumped around the starter solenoid and it cranked. He also told me that they had been soaking the cylinders with oil. I don’t know what the auction house or the previous owners might have done to try and start it.

Either way, something sitting this long and neglected would likely require a tear-down. Or at least scope the bores and see what’s what.

Having never done anything like a re-wire I imagine it is extremely difficult to do and trouble shoot bugs out.

This would actually be a fairly easy job. If the original wiring harness is hacked up beyond repair all you need to do is to purchase a used replacement harness section. For an Eliminator that would be the same as an XR-7 wiring harness. And if all that needs replaced is the under hood section that job could easily be completed in an afternoon. If you want a little more insurance before doing the job send the replacement harness to someone like Midlife, a member here, and have him go over the harness prior to installing it.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Back to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale - this time with the numbers-matching drivetrain installed! SEMO Mustang spent the last 2 years or so sorting out the drivetrain and putting the numbers matching block and transmission back into the car.

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed, Super Drag Pak. Comp Gold, Black Standard Interior. Docs. BJ Scottsdale, Jan 2019

*Lots of previous discussion of this one. Google up the VIN for a lot of really interesting history!

Are the shock tower braces supposed to be gray? I wish they would put estimates on them.

There continues to be some debate on this subject but in 1970, slop gray was known to be used on some under hood components like the shock tower braces, the hood latch support brace and the vertical pieces holding up the brace. Slop grey varies from a lighter gray as shown on this Eliminator to a dark greenish gray to almost black. Personally, I don’t think the lighter gray is as accurate as the darker colors and have never seen an original with that light of a color.

Headed to another auction…

'70 w/ 428CJ (Ram-Air), Auto. Competition Green, Black Houndstooth Interior. Docs. Consigned Dan Kruse Classics, Lot: WAX18-003.

Owner says it has been sold to a buyer in Florida.

Thanks for the update, John!

Carlton Wright’s Comp Gold Boss headed to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale…

'70 w/ Boss 302, 4-speed (close-ratio). Competition Gold, Black Standard Interior, Docs. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Jan 12-20th, Lot# TBA.

*Restored by Carlton Wright and was a Hemmings Muscle Machines cover and feature car, Nov 2012

Former Lingenfelter Collection car now headed to Mecum Kissimmee…

'70 w/ 351C, 4-speed (originally a 3-speed). Competition Blue, White Standard interior (now with Decor door panels). Docs. Mecum Kissimmee, Jan 2019, Lot E77.

*Some previous discussion here: https://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?108081-70-Eliminator-trifecta

George Conrad collection car…

'69 w/ 428CJ (Ram-Air), Auto. Bright Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs. In OH for $130k.

Not sure if you had this on your list. Looks legit.

John, that is 0F91M531097 (see below). Looks like the Mecum link is dead now though.
I would be leery of the claimed “Numbers matching”, considering it is a factory 3-speed changed to a 4-speed. IMO, $80k is very steep for a 351 car with a mismatched interior and a transmission swap.