Eliminators on the Market (October 2018)

Pretty sure this is Dan Houde’s car. I remember this came up on Ebay about the week after I bought my (since sold) comp green Eliminator 15+ years ago.
I like the hounds tooth interior.


the one in MN for 13.5k. the last e-mail I got he suppose to have a buyer from Fla. until Michael hit and he was waiting on a response?

I like the no reserve on it… definitely “watching”. Any past history on this one; anyone ever lay eyes on it?

'70 w/ 351, Auto. Comp Orange, Houndstooth Interior. No docs. In KS for $30k
*No VIN yet - having trouble making contact with the seller.

This one is now on eBay;

'69 w/ 390, 4-speed (close-ratio). Competition Orange, White Interior. Docs. In OH, on eBay.

It was sold by the same dealership that originally sold the 68.5 R code 4 speed car that recently sold on ebay.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Didn’t take long to flip this one :neutral_face: It will be interesting to see where the price point goes on ebay.

I noticed that too. The 68.5 was in Florida… what are the odds both would come up on the market at the same time?

Is anyone going to be at Mecum Chicago that could get a VIN for this one?

Any pics of Marti Report or other docs, door tag, buck tag, dash tag, etc would be greatly appreciated.

'69 w/ 390, Auto. Blue Metallic, Blue Interior. Docs. Mecum Chicago, Oct 25th-27th, Lot T78
No VIN yet

1970 Competion Orange 351 Cleveland FMX 3 Speed completely rebuilt 2 months ago with transferable guarantee.
Completely gone thru over last 2 years and replaced most parts (to much to list here) Car is really a one of a kind. Mileage says 39,000.
New wheels and tires last month. Have lots of pictures. Asking $50,000.
Thanks, Steve Alan

sold for $28,600

Reserve was not met on Ebay but dealer tells me it has been sold.

Popped up on CL

Per the Craislist add this Cougar is “Solid and Russ free underneath.

Don’t forget the “for speed close-ratio transmission”.

Hasn’t the debate with this car been whether it has a genuine Boss 302 in it? Wouldn’t that be considered a major component?

This thread answers that question, IMO.


I just noticed she dropped price from $50,000 to $38,000


it might help if she documented other rare parts, carb dist ect. but if missing or replaced it might even hurt price more.

WOW- hard to believe that car has a regular 302 in it !! Its been for sell FOREVER and now to find out that it doesn’t have a replacement BOSS motor…what a shame - still a BOSS 302 original owner car - just missing that expensive thing between the shock towers…

FWIW, It looks like a Boss 302,

It may well be the numbers correct heads and other parts. But somebody will need to take it partly apart to see.

Now on CraigsList, price reduced to $32,999

'70 w/ 351, 4-speed (originally 3-speed). Competition Yellow, Black Standard Interior. Docs. In AR for $37,999
*Note, 3rd party seller has it listed here: > https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1137291/1970-mercury-cougar-for-sale-in-cadillac-michigan-49601