Engine bay detailing what paint do I need

Looking to do some engine bay detailing on a 1969. What paint do I need for the a/c compressor pulley, brake booster, and master cylinder?

Semi gloss black on all 3 and M/C lid. I was waiting for Jeff to answer this.

A/C compressor pulley is currently silver. Most restored engine bays with factory A/C appear to be some shade of silver. Master cylinder is currently natural with a surface rust patina, lid is silver as is the booster. I haven’t come across anything yet that appears correctly restored that is any shade of black on these components, but I’m glad to correct if that’s the way it should be.

I have a shelf full of power brake boosters here and they all appear to me to be black.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

The brake master cylinder and booster would have been painted as a unit (cap, retaining bale, nuts …) semi-gloss black. If you want to do all the little details small shipping plugs would have been inserted in each of the brake line attachment points when painted and left there during transport. This would produce small (covered about half the diameter of the machine round surface) shadow where bare steel would show once installed in the car.

When choosing semi-gloss black for items in the engine compartment - if your restoring the car- you want to choose different brands and shoot so that they produce different sheens and level of satin and gloss to reflect that originally these parts would have been painted at al the sub contractors, in different locations, using different processes and paints

The Ac compressor pulley/clutch finish would depend on what type of AC pump you were using

Here is how one version was painted - notice the shadow from the bands on the inner surfaces

Hope this helps

I did not know that the ac pulley was black in 69. I like that as I have struggled to keep mine looking nice.

Will depend on the type of pump and clutch your car originally came with

I’m not sure what is correct at this point. I have seen so many A/C pulleys some shade of silver. I’ve looked at many different ones for sale and they are almost always silver. Is that a detailing point that has become accepted because it stands out more??

It would be awesome if I could just paint my booster, master cylinder and a/c compressor pulley black, but I only want to do it if it’s completely correct.

There are so many different blacks and silvers.

Anyone found one that is right and if so what is it?

Also, trying to do some air cleaner refurbishing. I have New Ford blue by VHT which is a little too dark and purple and Old Ford blue by Rust Oleum which is a little too light. Neither one matches just right. What blue does Scott Drake use on the reproduction air cleaner parts? I need whatever paint he uses to finish the job.

If you go by the CCOA judging rules:

Improper color on engine & components—
engine color:
dark Ford blue entirely, to
include engine block, intake manifold, (except
Boss 302), thermostat housing, water pump
assembly, timing cover, oil pan, oil dipstick
tube, oil dipstick handle (except dress-up
option). Black components: fan, fan pulley,
crankshaft pulley, alternator bracket, A/C
compressors, pulleys & brackets.

Black or natural components
engine mounts, harmonic balancer, P/S brackets
(except aluminum), bellhousing, distributor,
distributor hold down bracket. Power steering
pump 67-70 should be black or teal blue,
dipstick can be color of pump or natural.

Brake booster and master cylinder?

Master cylinder
natural or black. Cap, 67-73, cadmium-plated or black. 67 disc brake decal.

Brake booster not listed.

1967 only got brake decal? Master cylinder currently natural. Booster is silver. Cap is cadmium.

Since booster not listed what is the consensus on how it should be finished?

Duplicolor 1606 is about as close as I have found to the air cleaner and engine color. I’ve tried to find Plastikote 224 but it looks to be unavailable.

I have six boosters and they’re all black, so I’m going to go with black.

Painted semi gloss black assembled including the cap and all hardware.