Engine bay paint color

Is there a stock color/finish? It’s some form of a flat black. Has anybody found a proper paint? Thx.

I can’t answer to the concourse correct answer but I like the SEM trim black or a satin black MRO. Both give a nice satin/flat black finish

Thx. I should have been more specific. It’s not a concourse car, but I would use that color is it was available.

I use this Krylon Semi Gloss Black that is available at most auto part stores. Nice satin finish that stays clean. I was my engine bay once a year to remove dust and grime before it takes over.


How do you “wash” the bay? Thx

A nice sunny spring or early summer day and Simple Green. Be kind to the carb and dizzy with the water and let the sun dry it out a bit. Soak up the intake manifold areas. Wipe what you can with some old towels. Spick and span!!

Don’t forget to wash and wax the underside of the hood if yours is painted nice!!


This is what WCCC sells