Engine Bay Paint, Exterior Paint, Rear Panel

Now that I’ve got my engine out I would like to paint the engine bay, and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a black paint. I was looking into the POR-15 stuff but wasn’t sure since its recommended for “rusted or seasoned” surfaces. I also was looking into paint for the outside of my cougar, 1970 in 11683 Pastel Blue I believe, and where I could find a good match, not a whole lot of paint is needed, just some touch up.
And lastly, are there good reproduction panels for behind the driver side rear tire? I’ve got just a small area of rust that has gone through and I just need the bottom of it to patch it up, and there aren’t many old car junk yards near me where I can take a part off of an existing car. Thanks.

The color for the engine bay is PPG 9295. It has been discontinued but I had PPG makes me an Omni acrylic enamel with the same color and then had it flattened out to take away the gloss. It looks perfect in my engine bay and is very durable.

For your body color all you need is your Ford paint number and go to your paint shop and they will be able to dial up your color. It’s a crapshoot whether it matches or not after all the years of weathering.

There are reproduction quarter panels for 69-70 which are just “okay”. They would be fine to use a section of for patching. WCCC cuts up the complete panels to sell smaller patch panels, so here’s the one you’re asking for. Looks like they are out of stock now, but I’d suggest calling, as there are some complete panels in stock which could be cut.

PPG DP90LF is the best engine bay paint that I know of. It is a satin black that is impervious to brake fluid or anti freeze or gasoline. Very good stuff, available almost everywhere.

Pastel Blue

^ I love this site for vintage paint info. Of course I can’t attest to the accuracy, but it does seem quite thorough!

Ford code M0921 M2J921 M20J921 - blue
This blue automotive paint color is most commonly known as Diamond Blue. Other common color promotional names include Platinum, Pastel Blue, Pastel Blue (Platinum), and Platinum Blue. The color formulation has been used between 1958 and 1976, primarily by Ford; but also by Lincoln and Mercury.

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 11683
Dupont : 93-83023H, 202-83144, 4950A, 2867, 4960L, 4950, 4950L, 2700L, 2770L, 246-83023, 4950D, 886-83023L, 2770
Acme/Rogers : 8530
Martin Senour : 1751
Sherwin Williams : 1668
Arco : 4020, S-8308, L-4130, 6034, AE-4020
RM/BASF : 1238, A1238, E1238

Awesome, I’ll contact them about that panel, and I’ll look more into the different engine bay paints and exterior paints. What would be the best way to get the surface prepped? I’ve removed paint from hood hinges just using an air tool with a wire wheel, would that be alright to take out all the paint in the engine bay or is there a better way?

Paint choices often come down to what is available/legal to shoot in your area. Allot of shops and owners have gone to SEMs Hot Rod black, Its a two part paint that holds up pretty well, has a nice sheen, and is easy to touch up (even with SEMS stain black rattle can) if you experience an opps installing the engine or tap it with a wrench

Used it on my last three cars