Engine bay paint

What are you guys using for engine bay paint? Last paint I used was Eastwood Under Hood black rattle cans and it didn’t hold up that great. Some antifreeze spilled on it and it permanently stained it. I’ve got spray cans of POR15 chassis black which is satin but I’ve heard it isn’t that great. Right now I’m looking at SEM hot rod black kit. It’s pricey for a quart but it comes with reducer and looks like an epoxy.



Eastwood makes a 2K (2 component rattle can) Underhood Black that I just used and think it was spot on. Booger is you only have 48hrs to spray all of it. They make a “Duraspray” that to basically 2K with unlimited shelf life but it’s been on back order for like 6 months.


I have used Rustoleum 777 satin for touch up and it has held up well.


Ditzler DP90LF with DP402 hardener.

I used the Eastwood 2K paint on my 69. came out great. I do not like the normal rattle can underhood black however. it runs very easily and does not have a consistent finish.

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In the past I’ve used Rustoleum tractor paint for some under carriage and engine bay. Its very durable once it sets up. On my current project i just used TPC single stage paint. It seems to hold up pretty good so far.

SEM Trim Black. Shoot the bay using the spray gun. If it ever needs touch up, you can spot-in with the aerosol Trim Black and it blends perfectly.

Used Rustoleum Rust tough semi gloss for years. Recently the formula changed and it has a very blue hue. Really, anything that’s 2k, meaning it has a catalyst, will be far superior to non 2k products

Did you use the chassis black or black satin. You have the engine bay look id love to have!

This is what I used. https://www.eastwood.com/ew-2k-ceramic-aerosol-underhood-black.html

Thanks for the info!

Original engine bay paint. For future reference if needed.