Engine Paint Color

Hello All,

I have a 67 GT and am currently detailing out the engine compartment. I bought this paint from W.C.C.C.

I did a little test painting and does is this what 67 guys are using? Seems a little dark. But if it is the right paint, I will continue.


Looks perfect. 50 years from now it will be faded to a powder blue.

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Well, I’m almost done with the engine detailing. I’m still not really happy with the engine color. Barely any contrast against the engine bay and almost looks black.

Compare this to Cougar number ones engine which had a lot bigger budget.

It does look at bit dark. I’ve tried 3 different Ford blues from Duplicolor and none seem to be really spot-on. I’ve been using DE1621 Old Ford Blue and haven’t gotten too many complaints. Just gotta shake the heck out of the can for a long time otherwise it spits out white dots in the paint.