Engine swap?

Can a 351w be placed in a 1968 Cougar w/o a scoop. I was wondering if the taller 351 would have ample hood clearance. I know they came w/ 390,427 & 428 but to my recollection the big blocks all have scoops & that year didn’t come e a 351 to my knowledge. Does anyone have the answer for me?:thinking:

It will fit, but you will need all the 351 W brackets and what not for the alternator, power steering, etc. The ones from the small block 68 will not work.

I have installed a 351W several times in '67 - '68 Cougars with a C4. No issues. Bolts in.


BTW if you install a higher intake like a Edelbrock Air Gap 351 the air cleaner does get close to the hood. I had to use a Moroso drop center air cleaner on that car to get clearance. The stock intake no issues.

Since no one mentioned it, you need to use a 69 Cougar H pipe for the exhaust. You also need to use a 69 AC bracket for the compressor. I think the reason a lot of people build 347 strokers is that you don’t need anything new to install it.

We put a 351 in my son’s 68 years ago. With an aluminum intake manifold and headers it weighs no more than the 302. It has more torque everywhere and drives great.

Same alternator and P/S brackets interchange if starting with a 1969 351W.

Right you are, but it’s those brackets on the heads that the other brackets get connected to that are something extra needed for the 351W that are not on the 302.

Scott in '69 the bracket to the head has an adapter so the same brackets used on a 302 work on the 351W. I think it’s the only year that it was done that way. Other years are like you say.

Royce, it’s that bracket to the head that I am referring to. Best to have it if you need it.