extreme Cougar newbie, now on with the questions.

Good morning my name is Shawn, I live in Littleton Colorado, and I am a 2 week old Cougar newbie. This is my first “car” since in Highschool (1986). I have been very involved in Jeeps and 4 wheel drives and have had some great times, but I was really wanting something new and fun for the future. I picked up a 1973 XR7 Convertible that is in pretty good shape but needs some help also. First thing I have to do is replace a door hinge pin on the drivers side door. So how is the best way to do this? If I do 1 side should I do both, passenger side appears tight? Next question is I want to remove the door interior panel, how is this done? I am sure I can figure it out but any helpful hints would make it easier.

Thanks and looking forward to some good times here

An here is the pic of the new ride.

Welcome to CCC Shawn, Does your car have power windows?
Here is a link to working on the door hinges. You can just replace them or rebuild them like in the video. I have some good one’s if you find yours can’t be rebuilt, if your interested.
Here is the link.

I can’t remember if Don covers taking off the door panel, but use a good putty knife and carefully pry off the panel where the clips are. Be very carful not to damage the backer board as you are pulling the panel off. Take your time. First start with the inside door handle and pull it out as if you wanted to open the door, there you will find a screw to take the handle off. The reason I asked if you had power windows is this, the bezel that is around all the window switches, has a small opening on each side. I found a points file or very small screw driver to be best for this. You can release the clips on the back side of the bezel and it will come off. The rest is easy.

don’t know if it’s the same for a '69, but… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky8hWXTGSKw&list=UUYa8RloDs5J8xltL9ZMMB-A&index=4&feature=plcp
welcome to the fun!

Welcome to CCCF, Shawn! Please add your pin to the map.

If you guys use the video identification string, ky8hWXTGSKw, you can embed the video like this.



Sheesh… I feel pretty bad about myself. 2weeks old and the li’l bugger has bought himself a ragtop Cougar.
Congrats li’l Cougar Baby!

Welcome Shawn it great to have you here. Having a drop top cat for your first is pretty cool. Enjoy the CCC and your car.

Welcome Shawn, Another Colorado member,…There are 5-6 active forum posters here on CCC from the Front Range area and there is an active Cougar club in the Denver Metro area; coloradocougarclub. Very clean looking '73… See ya around!