Eyebrow trim installation on '69

I’m trying to attach the eyebrow trim that the seller included with the car. I ordered the clips from WCCC and put them in last night. However, when I try to attach the trim, it does not seem to want to “lock in” along the bottom edge. It looks like the lip on the bottom of the trim should grab on to the body right above the lights, and then the springs on the clips should maintain tension along the top edge (I’m guessing this since there were no instructions or pictures included). It works ok until I get to where the body curves down right above the outer headlight. The best I can do there is to get it to attach with a big gap between the trim and the body, and it looks terrible. Anyway, I removed it after about an hour of trying and called it a night because I was getting frustrated and I didn’t want to start forcing things and break the clips.

Here’s some pics. Maybe you guys can tell me if something doesn’t look right or if the clips are oriented incorrectly. Thanks for looking.

Morning AZ,

Can I ask, is one of your driver side clips painted over and stuck in place? When attaching mine, that specific clip was the one that was most difficult for me and I really had to move it around and rotate it so the clip would capture the lip of the trim and fit snug when tightening. If it is painted over and stuck in place, that could cause some difficulties…

Scott, the old ones that were on the car were all painted over. I was able to get them to rotate after a little twisting and none of them are stuck. I’m just reusing the large clips because they appear to be still serviceable. So do you think I should just keep adjusting the position of that large clip? Also, there seems to be a body brace that runs vertically from under the top of the front fender and terminates right at that curved section, preventing the bottom edge of trim from locking on.

I’m not sure you can put it on that way without damaging the trim.

Al, what do you see that I’m doing wrong?

Maybe nothing, but it seems to me that the clips go in the trim first, then the trim gets bolted to the fender extension. I know on the trim that I’ve removed, those clips fit very tight.

Ah I see. I’ll give that a try tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.

The spring holds the clip in place in the back side of the trim. The top and bottom of the clip go into the channel at the edge of trim and then the trim is installed on the body with the clips attached.

Yes, this is the way these trim pieces are installed. Same for the hood and trunk moldings. The clips twist into place under the rolled-under edges of the trim pieces and the springy wire holds them in place.

It takes some patience and nimble fingers but you can put the trim on without removing the extension. In the end you might wish you had just taken the time to remove the extension.

Thanks to all for the help. Xr7g428, that pic really helps a lot. Don, I’ll take that into consideration before I start (again).