Fall on the praries

Here in western Canada the leaves have started to change. A perfect day to get the cat out and stretch it’s legs.


One more shot:

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Very nice looking cat. Where in Canada are you? I’m near the coast in BC.

Nice 69 vert… going the other way here… waiting for spring to kick in !

Looks mint, how old is the hood? how is the glass rear window working out for you? I am trying to stretch the life of my hood out, but need to think about whether I go glass or plastic backlight next, wondering how good the silicone hinge in the glass is, and if the line is bothersome?

I am in Calgary.
The car was restored by KTL just under 10 years ago. Hood is original, as is the back glass. No don’t notice the hinge when driving.

If you are thinking about joining a club Fordnutz has a few members in Calgary. www.fordnutz.org

Thanks for the reply, awesome condition for a 50+ year old hood and silicone hinge!