Fan Spacer For FE Big Block

So I am getting ready to replace my 390 water pump and fan clutch and I was bench fitting the new parts with the fan, pulley and this spacer. I have had this all off before but never really focused on what this spacer is. As you can see by the picture, it is only 1/4" thick but it takes up most of the water pump fan locating pin to the point where the pin does not protrude into the fan clutch which would normally provide concentricity. Does anyone have this FE spacer? I’m thinking about removing it. It’s hard to imagine 1/4" would make much difference in the fan cooling.

I’ve never seen one. Maybe Royce can comment

All of the factory ones use a clutch fan. No spacers.

Thanks Royce. I also do not see it anywhere on WCCC site as a part to buy. I will install without it.


It looks loke someone made a spacer to accomodate bolts that were too long?

I’ve never seen a spacer like that on any of my big block / FE engines. Not even on the 429 / 460’s either ( which I believe all had clutch fans ). Looks to take up most of the depth of the fan clutch hub and only allow enough remaining / protruding to center the fan and blades. If it’s a piece of ‘home-made’ hardware to accommodate longer bolts, it’s mighty fine workmanship and machining !

I installed the new thermal fan clutch (HAYDEN 2710 Thermal 1967 FORD MUSTANG 6.4L 390cid V8 Radiator Fan Clutch | RockAuto) with out the spacer and man is it close to the lower pulley. My car for the most part, is very stock and original. Just seem crazy that Ford made it this close. I drove it 20 miles this morning to work with no issues. I guess one good thing is, as the engine runs, the force on the fan blades is away from the engine.

It’s not Ford making the fan blades so close to the pulley - it’s the Hayden fan clutch. More specifically it’s the length ( height ) of the shaft. I’ve noticed that the original Ford clutch would place the fan blades close to the belts and the fan shroud, but not as close as your image shows !
Here’s an interesting image from Hayden about the shaft and the overall ‘profile’ on their clutches :

Maybe this will help you ? I don’t know what the Hayden part number is for the clutch you are using, maybe there is another ‘version’ offered from Hayden with a slightly longer shaft ?


Thanks for the info. I might fire up the lathe and make my own spacer that still has a centering feature.