Favorite Cougar Advertisements

After reading the Hot Rod Network article Rare Factory Photos and Juicy Triva about the Mercury Cougar I saw some great photos and I started thinking. What are some of my favorite photo advertisements of our Classic Mercury Cougar’s? What are some of yours?

Here is one of mine:

^^^ That is one of my favorite photos Steven - it is by an outfit called “Boulevard Photographic”. That company was started in the mid-1950s by photographers Jimmy Northmore and Mickey McGuire. They did outstanding work, including the '69 CJ I posted below.

While I admire their work greatly, I have a real “love/Hate” relationship with BP. Their masterful and creatively staged automotive photos for advertising and marketing were hugely instrumental in the demise of the use of illustration.

^^^ Groovy for sure - Right On!!

Great images guys. Philip I read briefly about Boulevard Photographic and they were cutting edge in the way they photographed automobiles back in the day. I know this is more than a photo but here is one of my favorite Mercury Cougar TV commercials.



Let’s show some love to the big cats.

Here is a good one of a big cat.


^^^ Illustration - I love it! :beerchug:

  • Phillip

We’re coming up no the 50th, so let’s tip our hat to the “aero” cats and Jack Roush.

Oh, if only the cars looked in reality like they do in the illustrations. “Longer, lower, wider!”

Gotta wonder whatever happened to those 2 phat cats :smoke: