FE Race and Reunion Beaver Springs, Penn.

2019 FE Race and Reunion at Beaver Springs Dragstrip in Beaver Springs Pennsylvania. Drag racing and car show. This is one of my favorite events. If you like drag racing of FE powered Fords and Mercs, you’ll love this event. There are usually a few Cougars running too! The only pre-requisite is there must be an FE under the hood to show or race.

Last year was my first time at this event. It instantly became one a handful of events I refuse to ever miss. Here is a video list I put together of the FE Reunion vids I found on youtube.


A bunch of FE nuts had taken these videos and I put them into a playlist onto my channel. Many times at work when I can’t decide which radio station to listen to, I put on this playlist to hear the Mid 60’s Ford music.

Last year there were two Cougars running the track and a few in the display which had included a GTE.

Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for posting.

These are the two, I have a video of them racing each other. There were two GT-Es there mine and this one. They brought it from NJ. There were two or 3 more Cats in the show. I’ll try to post them.

This one is a day two car.

It’s a good time and I plan to go again this year!

The red car is Dans from Allentown still has its original drive train, I glad to see you making it again this year hopefully the weather will be as good as last years.

Ok i’ll bite on two things on the red car… Are those T-bird emblems above the marker lights, and what’s up with the lock cylinder in the ds fender?
Looks like a fun event!

The lock cylinder is most likely for an old style alarm system.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95