FE valve springs

I’m in the process of having my X code 390 rebuilt. I decided to not get too crazy with this, stick with the factory heads, use 428 GT exhaust, but went with Edebrocks 2106 cam and 2105 intake, versus the factory 2 barrel setup. Unfortunately Edelbrock stopped making their matching valve springs, and I’m having a hard time finding a substitute. Edelbrock tells me to use the factory spec springs. Does anyone have suggestions for a make/model and source for them?

if you can look up the spring specs, then you can find a different brand with similar specs.

do you have an Edelbrock spring part number?

Looking at the cam specs, this is pretty close to stock with mild lobe intensity. Properly set-up stock springs would be fine.

In your cam spec card, does it tell seat pressure for the springs?

The edelbrock spring part number is 5806, and they said using the factory spec springs is good. I just did a google search for ford FE valve springs, but didn’t give a lot of good options. I can spend more time looking, I just thought other members might know some good options.

an alternate number would be Melling VS-410

I found this by looking at Edelbrock’s specs on the part number, then went to SummitRacing.com to look for valve springs and using their search filters to narrow it down to this Melling spring. There may be others that also work with specs close to what the Edelbrock spring has.

Great, thanks for the follow up. I’ll look further into that model.