Finally found the right one!

I sold my last Cougar in 96 because I needed a daily car that would keep me employed. For the last 25 years, I’ve looked off and on, but either timing for a purchase, or availability of the right car never lined up.

For my &%th birthday (more behind than ahead!), I flew to Vegas early in the morning on Tuesday and crawled under, over and around trying to convince myself this was a bad idea…but she’s perfect. Thank you to Mike from Classic and Collectible Cars for being 100% upfront about everything wrong with this car, and when I booked my flight, being a truly decent businessman, and giving me first dibs since buyers came out of the woodwork over the weekend after we talked. Oh, and a ride back to the airport saving me a cab/Uber fare was definitely appreciated!!

For backstory, my first car was an M code 69 STD HT, but my brother had wrecked it several times and it was a nightmare to keep on the road. My second was an H code 69 STD HT that was bought as a donor but ended up being more solid and the one I kept. While on active duty in the army, she started having issues getting me on post in the mornings, so I had a choice of selling, or ending up on charges. With a heavy heart I sold her to another guy in my unit who could afford a second car. When I left the army, I bought a 67, and drove that until a series of issues again forced me to sell and buy something that didn’t require that I get out of bed 2 hours early…just in case she decided not to start today.

Sometime on Monday, the transport service will deliver my car, and I am absolutely thrilled. She has more shorts than Disney World on a summer afternoon, dents, scratches, modifications that need to be undone, modifications that need to be made…and I could not be happier. After a few days getting dirty in my coveralls, it will be time to earn some Cougar Bucks!

Thanks for listening!


Awesome! Can’t wait to see the pics when you have it home!

I suppose it would help if I added the VIN and data plate details…I guess I got carried away! My avatar is a picture of the car taken by the dealer that I thought was a great angle, but I will definitely post more when she arrives.

65B S 6Y 18M 52 6 X

Scheduled for build date is December 18. Your car is going to have a birthday this month. Hopefully it can celebrate at it’s new home in Texas.

Good info Scott. The Marti Report came in today and I appear to have a preemie that rolled down the line two days early on Dec 16th. The title is in the mail, so I’ll have to wait until it is transferred before I can request the Factory Invoice, which I hope hasn’t already been claimed.

Marti has never offered the factory invoice for any car earlier than 1969 model year.

She qualifies! Just need to finish the title transfer.