Find the Cougar of your Dreams at CougarSwapMeet.Com

CougarSwapMeet.Com now live!

If you are looking for a Classic Cougar you need to check out:

The only internet auction site devoted to Cougars is up and running! You can register, build auctions, and make bids.

Here is how it works:

Simple, straightforward, no hidden BS charges.

Listings are free.
Pictures are free.
Buy Now is free.
Reserve is free.
End the auction any time for free.
Automatic re-list is free.

Pay just 5%, only when you sell, capped at a maximum of $50 for Cars, Parts, Memorabilia, anything Cougar related.

PayPal is NOT Required (but it is available).
Buyers and Sellers deal directly with each other and can accept any kind of payment that is mutually agreeable.
Auction Fees can be paid using your debit or credit card, or Pay Pal, and are only billed when your balance exceeds $5.

That sounds good, but can’t get site to load ?.

Sorry Leigh, as it turned out we could not make this work. The spammers and scammers outnumbered the actual users. CSM is no longer a thing.


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