Firing order spark plug wiring on distributor cap

Had to take all the wires loose from the distributor cap took pics but still not sure. Know the firing order is 15426378 but not sure how the distributor is oriented. Can someone tell me which wires are close to the vacuum advance diaphragm. Looks like the clips are to be between 3 and 7 and 4 and 5 but I’m not sure which side is which.

Normally #1 is marked on the distributor cap like this one.

If the distributor is installed correctly #1 is the closest terminal on the distributor to the master cylinder.

Cap will only go on one way, notched for vac advance screw

Distributor rotor turns counterclockwise.

If this is an “oh $hit” I pulled all the wires off moment…

Pull out number one spark plug, bump the starter until it builds compression. Little taps of the key, or a starter button until it starts blowing pressure past your finger.

Then turn the engine clockwise until you get to 10 BTDC (looking at the engine from the front of thecar) with a wrench, shouldn’t be far off.

Where the rotor is pointing is #1 and likely should be as seen in the picture. Cap can only go on one way with a notch

Then start your 15426378 by going counter clockwise around the cap with the wires

Be sure to be careful not to cross wires, even old guys screw up so go slow, and check your work, and remember, Ford is 1-4 on pass side, 5-8 on drivers side.

Thanks for the pics and help I got it sorted out