First gen Mercury Cougar history chart poster

Hi everyone, happy 50th anniversary!

I’m from Australia and I’m primarily a Ford man but am also into worldwide cars.

In my spare time I create and sell car posters of a particular kind which you may have seen on websites and eBay. A few years ago I made a first generation Mercury Cougar history chart poster and have sold a small amount of them over time.

Although not popular, I spent a few days this year to enhance/rework and expand this poster from the 12 popular models from 1967 to 1970 to now include 20 models by adding in more base models and special editions. I did this in recognition of the car’s 50 years anniversary. Here is the sample graphic:

I’d like to drum up some interest by letting enthusiasts know about it and I thought mentioning it here would be a good start. It has development/technical/history info at the top and each car has specific text about it. I include info about engines/specs/options, etc. Half the work is the writing so I take it quite seriously.

It includes the following cars:

1967 Cougar base model
1967 Cougar XR-7 390
1967 Cougar XR-7 GT 390
1968 Cougar
1968 Cougar XR-7 428
1968 Cougar GT
1968 Cougar GT-E 427
1968 Cougar XR7-G
1968 Cougar GT 500
1968 Cougar Calypso Coupe
1969 Cougar
1969 Cougar XR-7 convertible
1969 Cougar XR-7 351
1969 Cougar Sports Special
1969 Cougar Ski-Pac Special
1969 Cougar Eliminator 351
1969 Cougar Eliminator 429
1970 Cougar 428
1970 Cougar XR-7
1970 Cougar Eliminator (Cleveland 351)

A note that I can change any of the colours of the cars to match someone’s particular model/year.

Also, if there’s enough interest I can provide a discounted price for a limited time.

Any comments welcome.

It is hard to see in the low res version of your poster, but it doesn’t look like the correct emblem for the 1968 XR7-G.
Shipping from Aus to the US and Canada must be pretty expensive, plus the cost of the poster may be detrimental to sales for you.
I would like a bit more info.

Thanks for your reply. You’re right… I have accidentally put the wrong circular badge on the XR-7G. I’ll get that fixed up.

Yes, international shipping has always been a bump in the road for my sales. Make sure you view the prices in USD and not AUD. I essentially charge what Australia Post charges me, so I absorb the supply of a mailing tube.

Hi CarPosters,

Very cool poster, and thanks for sharing it with us - and taking the time to help celebrate the Cougar’s 50th Anniversary :slight_smile:

Just a few items to note;

1969 Cougar Eliminator 351
1969 Cougar Eliminator 429
1970 Cougar 428
1970 Cougar XR-7
1970 Cougar Eliminator (Cleveland 351)

Technically, there were no 1969 Cougar Eliminator 429’s built. The two 1969 Boss 429 Cougars were not Eliminators.
Also, your choice of colors for the 1969 Eliminators is not quite right - they appear to be Competition Gold and Competition Blue, but neither color was used on the 1969 Eliminator (factory Eliminator colors in '69 were limited to: Bright Yellow, White, Competition Orange and Bright Blue Metallic).
The 1970 Cougar XR-7 would not have had a rear spoiler. That was an “Eliminator only” piece ~ although available over the counter as well.

If you are interested in getting feedback on the text, I’m sure we would be happy to oblige!

Still a cool poster - and thanks for making it and showing it to us!

Thanks for that info, Mike. I will work on those errors (as well as the badge) and show a corrected version tomorrow. The text for this “expanded” 20 car version is currently being rewritten.

Hi there CarPosters - thanks for thinking of the classic Mercury Cougar in your poster series.

As you are finding out, the Cougar has quite a lot of variations in regards to models, option packages, trim, engine availability, etc., which has led to a lot of confusion and misinformation through the years.

Sounds like you have access to a digital printer, since you can do color changes on the fly? How is this printed and on what paper?

Looks nice and thanks for sharing!

  • Phillip

Very cool.

Definitely interested. Do you have a web site with other custom cars you’ve done as many of us have more than one classic or know people who could use a unique Christmas gift :slight_smile:

Hmmm, actually I may contact you off line that gives me an idea …

Edit : Found the website in the image URL :

I like ke the layout. One model missing is the 1967 standard 6.5 Litre Cougar with it’s unique one year fender badges. You might have it listed in the text of the base but I can’t read the text.

Send us your dealer pricing please. We sell hundreds of our posters this time of year.

Thanks for all your responses to my poster creation. I’ve been busy completing all the writing work for this poster over the past two days and that led to a few more minor things I had to check up on and correct in the graphics. I use original sales brochures for a lot of the info also.

The updated poster sample is included below. It’s now big enough so you can zoom in and read the text I have written for it. The poster is printed on premium thick 240 gsm gloss 19x13-inch paper.


  • Changed some 1969 models to have low seats as these were optional on non-Eliminator models.
  • Corrections on the XR-7G:
    • Added unique racing mirror.
    • Added unique rear exhaust.
    • Put on the correct roof pillar emblem.
  • Changed the colours of the 1969 Eliminators.
  • Made the rear spoilers a little taller.
  • Removed the rear spoiler from the 1970 XR-7.
  • Changed the chrome part of the racing mirrors on the Eliminators to body colour.

A reminder that I can customise the graphics for individuals by changing paint colours of the cars, putting on different optional wheels, and even change a model to something else for that year/slot on the poster (has to fit in with the overall sequence, however).

And here’s a little something I made just for fun, a Cougar Eliminator fastback coupe with a new stripe / decal treatment:

The most fundamental error is that you have the first two generations in one poster.

While true, I don’t think you should remove the 69 and 70s as the poster will have more interest as it is.
My 70 XR-7

Using original sales brochures as source material is problematic.

Those materials had to be photographed, written, produced and printed well before the cars actually went into production so listed options were sometimes dropped or even new ones added in that space of time.

Just ask the Shelby guys about the 427 that was listed as an option in the '68 Shelby Mustang.

  • Phillip

I completely agree. Maybe change the title or add the 71 to 73 and take out a few of the more redundant inclusions.

This is really great work, but I don’t see my specific model either…1967 base model GT (6.4L). You have included the XR-7 version, but not the base. Excellent work though…I would seriously consider an order myself if I could identify my own car in the chart.

Well done…

I based this “first gen” concept on the way Wikipedia presented the information. I had no idea enthusiasts consider 1967-1968 and 1969-1970 to be two separate generations, but it sounds like I should change the title accordingly. I wanted to present the performance muscle era rather than the bigger/heavy models, so wanted to end it at 1970.

As I understand it, the GT was a performance package optional for both base and XR-7 models in 1967, not a model in its own right, until 1968. And so it is presented this way, as a package, not two specific models. But if someone wants a particular combination on the poster I can easily do that for their print. However, if enough people feel it should have both models on it, I’ll change it.

I cross reference the source information as much as possible to try and avoid errors by using a single source, and am aware that brochures can change over time and features/options added and removed, which is where historical information comes in.

Thanks for the reply…your reasoning is sound regarding the GT option. I guess I have just always considered my car to be its own model due to the rarity of it. Point taken…

It all depends on how granular you want to get. Really there is the Standard Cougar, VIN has 91 in it, and XR-7 VIN has 93 in it. There were initially three body codes 65A 2 door hard top standard interior. 65B XR-7 and 65C Standard with Bench seat. So a 91 could have been a 65A or 65C. All XR-7s were 65B.

Great clarification Bill…thanks.