Fitting New Speedo Gear

Went to fit new repro speedo gear to the C6 and ran into an issue. The repro is correct for an auto trans

The original speedo gear has a longer snout that the cable fits in. The speedo cable also extends into that snout and extends too far to allow the repro gear to fit

Has anyone solved this problem before?

Appreciate your advice as google wasn’t much help

My C6 can use either the longer gears or the shorter gears (length wise). Is your issue that you can’t get the clip on or that it won’t seat in the hole?

The inner cable extends too far past the outer. The amount it extends is longer than the cable housing part of the new shorter gear.

As a result the gear won’t go on far enough to re-install the clip into the recess on the outer cable

I get the picture now. Have not run into that. I don’t think I would cut that cable but wouldn’t be afraid to do something like drill a hole in the gear from the opposite end. I currently have the shorter repop in mine and have a few laying around. I will look at a few when I get home in a couple of hours. Someone else may chime in as well.