Hey all.
I’d like to change the oil, oil filter, and brake fluid.
Are there any recommendations for proper brands and types for a 67 Xr7 with a 289?


PS. She’s dripping oil and I think I may need to change the oil pan. Any advise on where to order it and if it’s simple or not.

I use sae30 for oil change
Plus 1A purolator filter
I would assume u need a pan gasket, not the whole pan

The least expensive MAJOR BRAND of 10-40 and a Motorcraft FL-1A filter. You’ll be fine.

Note-if you have an “old fashioned” hydraulic flat tappet cam add a zinc additive. Follow the directions on the additive bottle.

How do I determine this?

Is that something I can get anywhere? Or special order?

Anywhere, walmart, advanced, auto zone
figure $3-4 qt oil
$5 filter
Also, get a grease gun and grease all the fittings

I don’t know that I would jump to an oil pan gasket replacement. Oh and those gaskets should be available at about any local parts house – which I think is what your question about where to get the parts was targeting.

The first thing is probably to clean things up and figure out where the oil is coming from. While you’re under there to change the oil and grease everything look/feel above the pan and see if the oil is coming from farther up. By definition the oil pan is at the bottom of the motor so any oil leaks above will run down and drip off of it (like the valve covers).

Additionally without knowing the history of the motor I’d start with the easy stuff like checking that the bolts are all snug on the pan and valve covers. Heat and age can cause the gaskets to shrink a bit and they may or may not seal up with the proper tension on them.

Great advice.
Thank you

If you decide to change the pan gasket or valve cover gaskets, make sure you tighten the bolts in a cross pattern to the correct torque, so that it seats evenly and prevents future leaks. Over tightening can make it leak just as bad as under tightening. The shop manual should have the pattern and torque requirements.