FMX leak through slip yoke?

Hey group, your advices would be greatly appreciated here:
Since I got my cat few years back, there has always been a tiny leak of transmission fluid at/near drive shaft connection.
I changed the gasket last spring without success: still that tiny leak all summer long.
So I thoroughly cleaned the whole area when I stored the car last fall to observe what would happen at rest… Shortly after, few drops began to appear on the floor. Looked at it today and saw a drop of fluid, ready to fall, on the lower “ear” of slip yoke (see pic).
Gasket and yoke shaft are dry all around, as well as the upper “ear” of yoke… so it seems to leak through the yoke??? Is it possible? Any body has had similar problem?
Thanks in advance.

Yes it can leak through the yoke, there is a plug (like a freeze plug) in the yoke where it attaches to the slip joint.

Right on. Mine had that same leak.

Mine too. I changed the tailshaft twice before I figured it was that plug. That was over a year ago and I still haven’t fixed it.

Thank you so much guys, that is crystal clear!