Fmx shift linkage

trying to make floor shift linkage work with a fmx transmission that had column shift. 1970 mustang…any ideas? Thabnks

The only real difference is the shift select lever is facing ‘down’ when it needs to be facing ‘up’. You can take it off and put it back on in the correct orientation. As I recall, this involves dropping the pan and hopefully not dropping parts inside where they are a pain to get out.

You are absolutely correct. It looks to be off 180 degrees. Any tips on how to remove and reorient correctly. Maybe a diagram or procedure. Thanks so much!

It’s been 20 years since I did this, but it seems like there’s a nut on the inside of the case maybe? I seem to recall that the lever is basically mounted on a round section with two flat spots, so it can go 180 degrees very simply. I think if you drop the pan (and you might as well replace the filter when you do), you will see that it’s a very basic retainer of some kind. And don’t retighten your pan bolts too hard, or it’ll dimple the sheet metal and leak. Be gentle. =)

If you need to take out the shifter shaft be sure to put in a new seal and o ring in. I believe you will need to drop the valve body by removing the pan filter and tubes. Loosen the rear servo to drop it. Not a tough job. Just don’t lose the detent ball and spring. When reinstalling the spring and detent use an ample amount of heavy grease to hold it up. Gravity is not your friend. Push the detent in with a screwdriver while seating the shaft. May as well put in a new dipstick tube o ring that is a tougher job if the tranny is still in the car. I’m sure I forgot a step or two but it is pretty much straight foreword.

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Thanks for the help!

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