FMX Transmission Kickdown on 302

Good Morning, I am new to the forum so if this is in the wrong location please let me know. I have a 68 cougar with a 302 4V Holley with a stock spacer and at some point someone installed an FMX transmission. The kickdown rod is missing and I am wondering if there are any “stock” rods out there for this setup or if I would be better off getting the Lokar cable kit. Thanks for the help.


The stock carb for the J code 302 4V was an Autolite, So you will need to see how close the Holley is for attaching the rod. The 351 was a bit taller than the 302 so the stock rod maybe a bit off. I suspect that your best shot would be to use the Lokar kit since you are going to have to wing it a bit anyway. I am unaware of a 302 FMX stock build but maybe a Torino or some other car used the combination…

Wasn’t there Mustangs in 69 and 70 that used the regular 302 (non Boss) with a FMX combo? It could be as easy as looking online at a Mustang site.
Good luck.

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That car is beautiful. One sweet looking '68.

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Are you sure it’s an FMX? Should be a C-4. Either way, they both need the kick-down rod.

If you care about stock appearance get the rod. If that doesn’t matter, get the Lokar kit.

1969 was the first year for a automatic transmission ‘kick down rod’ on a Cougar. 1967-68 used a cable at the bottom of the gas pedal throttle shaft and C4 or C6 transmissions.

Hey yeah, you’re right! Being a 69-70 guy I forgot about the little cable off lower part of the throttle arm.

Thanks for all the replies. It is definitely an FMX, aluminum front and tail housings with a cast iron center. I assume it came out of a 71-73 cougar since the mini console and floor shifter are from those year model cars. I’m not too worried with absolute originality, otherwise I would put a C4 back in it so I may just go with the Lokar kit. I just figured if there were a stock rod out there anywhere it would make for a simpler installation and less prone to issues.

A 69 351w rod should work for that.

First post! I have been looking around online and through the shop manual and can’t quite seem to find a good photo or illustration on how the kick down and bar hookup on the tranny… I just got my 69 XR7 and I’m not sure if the people who worked on it before me were awake or not, so I’m not sure if I’m even looking at the correct parts… Any help is appreciated! Photos coming soon, the ones on my phone are too big and I don’t have a photo editor to reduce them.

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Would the factory style cable that goes from the lower throttle arm to trans style kickdown work on the fmx also (sorry not familiar with fmx)? If so, it would seem like THAT would be the most simple as the lower arm is already there, the factory style cable is both short and cheap, and available from Don. Being that the cable/lower throttle pedal arm is the factory setup for '67/'68, that seems like the most simple.