Ford blue on motors

I know some where along the line, Ford changed the shade of blue used on Ford motors from a darker blue to a lighter brighter blue. Does anyone know what year this took place? I only have access to Duplicolor paint here and they offer only the two choices of Ford blue engine paint. What would be the proper color of blue to use in the restoration of a '69 Cougar with a 351W motor? Thanks for any help!

If you want the stock shade then it is the darker one you want. I think it is Dupli Color DE1606.

I know the original poster said he only has access to Duplicolor, but FWIW the Plastikote (224) is closer to the correct original color. Been there, done that, returned the Duplicolor.

Plastikote 224 Is what I have used in the past and worked very well for me. I would also suggest trying to find the Plastikote 224.

Thanks very much for the input. I have found Plastikote in the past, so I’ll try and track that down. I wasn’t sure if it was the dark blue or the brighter blue I needed, so I’ll use the darker blue. Anyone know what year Ford changed between the two blues? Great info site!!!

Here is another option…

Which is pretty far from the original color. We should probably remove that from our website. It’s what I used the first time I painted my air cleaner. It looks nice, and I like VHT paints, but the color is off. They do have a couple other Ford Blue options but I haven’t tried them. This is what the above mentioned “New Ford Blue” looks like:

After realizing this was pretty far off, I ended up using the Plastikote 224 as others have recommended. Here’s how that turned out:

I didn’t like the way it laid down as much as the VHT but the color looks good.

I use the 224 for 69s as well, but did we answer the question: What year did the color change take place? Or did it ever? Just curious, and if so what is the older reference color?

I read in a web article (posted by Mustang 360 Magazine) that dark corporate blue has been used for all Ford engines from 1966 and up until 1981.
The lighter blue shade would have been used only on the valve covers and air cleaner of the 260ci engine of the 64¼ Mustangs. Duplicolor code of the lighter blue would be 1601.

I got the Duplicolor for the 400m, don’t remember the #, but was supposed to be the dark corporate Ford blue. After one pass, looked more like the old Pontiac Blue. I think someone mislabelled as I had used it before (ableit a different can), and was close.

For Cougars all years were the same 67-73. There are endless debates on which brand is closer to correct, just google the different supplier part numbers and you will see proof that the factory varied on the shades of blue plant to plant, year to year, day to day.

Eastwood just came out with engine paints that are of the new two stage urethane paint in a can “2K”. would think this would hold up better. Need someone to test and check for color correctness.

Actually the other way around. Ford used a light blue on the 1963 - 65 260 engine valve covers and air cleaners. Krylon and other companies sell it as “Old Ford Blue”.

In 1966 Ford standardized the blue color used at the factory on all Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford truck engines. This color is known as Ford Corporate Dark Blue. The same color was used through the late 1970’s.

I used POR-15 Ford Corporate Blue and that seemed to match well. Easy to get and brush able (covers up less that perfect sanding) Good Luck

I just used VHT Ford dark blue/corporate blue, but was way way darker than my original rocker covers and air cleaner ? :wall:

As being a beginner to the Cougar restoration path many questions do arise as to what the appropriate shade of blue had been on rolling off the assembly line. Being too a novice in this regard I am learning along the way having had a few successes among several minor mistakes. At one point I cut the wires for the parking brake warning light ignorantly believing it to be a remnant of a aftermarket car alarm and was about to throw it away when something in my subconsciousness suggested otherwise. I do need to reinstall this item, but still have it. Back to the question of original engine paint. This is a paradox for many factors often need be replicated to achieve an exacting match. What is this exactly? How do I know if the item is question is originally what came on the car? 90 percent is that this component is very likely original… the other 10 percent is none too certain. Sometimes you have to go with what seems most appropriate with what you have.

The air cleaner lid shows many folks prior to you sprayed it with various shades of blue paint. The correct color Ford used from 1966 - the late 1970’s was Ford Corporate Dark Blue. It fades when exposed to time, antifreeze, heat or oil.

True, the lid was painted over with a dark blue over the original finish. During the preliminary cleaning most of that paint flaked off with a hose sprayer due to poor adhesion. As for the lid itself I decided best to take it down to bare steel with 80-120 grit sandpaper and coarse Scotchbrite then refinish it with an etching primer followed by a aerosol engine paint found at many auto parts suppliers. Washing the part periodically while sanding off the original paint too helped in determining what that correct shade might be as the tone is marginally darker when wet. At least that is what had been noticed when comparing/contrasting wet to dry. Here is a link to a image of this very part prior to any work being done. This taken by the inspection agency much prior to my acquisition near the early Summer of 2020. Far as it being the correct shade it is still uncertain on my end.

My original air cleaner lid was in good shape, so I looked for engine paint that best matched it. Scott Drake AccuMatch 66-73 Engine Dark Blue EP-1923-A worked great for me. Many of the other paints had too much of a purple tint. The original engine paint had lots of lead in it, so it’s a good idea to wear a mask and gloves when sanding it off.

Hi !
I got this mixture from a mustang specialist 30 years ago.
Using PPG paint ;
DAR-13358 32 oz ;
DX-685 8oz;
DXR 80 4 oz;
REDUCER 11 oz.
This mix will give the perfect Ford corporate blue for engines.
Hope thats will help you