Ford Report matches story told about the car 45 years ago 1967 427 Cougar

While I do not have a “horse” in this race, I believe it is an interesting story. I think any rare cars pedigree requires more than a single source of documentation to verify its legitimacy. That said, didn’t 1967 Shelby GT500 have a 427? If so, what head and exhaust manifold configurations were used?


I think a “standard” GT500 had the 428 PI. There was a Shelby “Super Snake” with the 427 that sold a while back but I don’t know anything about the technicals.

It did. It had headers to solve the exhaust problem. The car came to Shelby as a regular GT500 with a 428-8V engine. The 427 was not installed by Ford - they didn’t have any parts to make it happen in a Mustang or a Cougar in 1967 model year.

Royce, what cyl. head/ex. manifold combination was used on the 66-67 Fairlane 427 medium riser? I seem to remember the words
“Catchers’ mitt” for one side.

Headers would solve the 1967 non-existent manifold issue. I should have figured that from the earlier posts. Thanks for the insight.


Before we out and out say this wasn’t possible I say get the Marti and see if this was a special order.
Never say never. Anything is possible.

The Fairlane / Comet 427 manifolds for 1966 - 67 won’t fit Cougar / Mustang at all. The RH side runs into the passenger footwell. No way to bolt an H pipe to it. The driver side interferes with the steering box by about 2". If you do away with the steering box no issues. No way to modify any part of it to make it work - it doesn’t. Been there, bought the manifolds, tried for a week to make it work because someone said it could be done.

That person, whoever they were, was lying.

It would be nice to see the reports side by side

As Royce has stated very clearly the PO’s claim is only backed up by a mistake on a free information report from Ford, they had nothing to loose if it was inaccurate as many have claimed and as this simuilar report shows. This is what the “type of engine” would normally be listed as for a 67 " S " code also this report is not complete as the listed car also came with a black vinyl roof and a tilt/swing away steering wheel.

There are a few errors with this report. The most obvious is the production date. Also, isn’t the 427 code ‘W’ rather than ‘S’? If Ford did drop in a 427 they should have changed the tag to reflect that. This looks more like an administrative error.

From my experience you only had about a one in three chance of getting a CAC report correct. You had about a one in four chance of getting it grossly wrong.

I know of a 68 Shelby GT500 “ KR” that has a 427 from factory, not sure if that refers to the Ford factory, or Shelbys factory ?
The guy did a lot of research to verify its for real prior to, and after his purchase of it.
Theres always weird things done at the time of manufacturing… :think:

Sorry, didn’t happen at Ford. Lots of BS associated with Shelbys in general.

I’ve been around Shelbys a long time (we had a kr convertible in the 70’s/80’s) and It seems like half of the 67 500’s I’ve seen were claimed by their owners to be real factory 427 cars… actual production was like 2 or zero lol…
The 68’s Shelbys are really well documented and consistent… no real 427’s in 68

Shelby didn’t have a factory in 1968.

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3 67 GT500s came with factory 427s. The super snake built by Shelby for Goodyear tire testing and two Factory 427 installs for drag racing. All 3 cars are throughly documented by SAAC. 68 Shelbys were completed at A. O. Smith by Ford, not in the Shelby factory and unless it was an engineering car, modification to a 427 was unlikely and there is no factory proof it was ever done.

Sorry none of them were installed by Ford. All three Shelby Mustangs that you mention left the assembly line with 428-8V engines like any other 1967 GT500.

427 engines were swapped in by Shelby at the LAX airport facility.

Sorry LAX is a factory for 67 Shelbys… yes the knocked down versions supplied by Fords San Jose plant were 428s, but Shelby American was a car manufacturer. If your statement was true there would be no such thing as a factory supercharged GT350, but I have FACTORY documents to prove they were installed by the factory before being shipped to dealers.

I see the argument you’re trying to make, but I don’t think you’re going to find much support for calling Shelby a manufacturer. They simply modify cars manufactured by Ford or for a brief time Chrysler.

I’ve learned to tread lightly where Shelby Mustangs are concerned, and I’m sure a more knowledgable person will chime in but…

I believe Shelby American was a manufacturer and had a manufacturer’s license.

That’s why the Shelby Mustangs (and Cobras, which started life at AC built in the UK) were given separate Shelby VINs.

As with all things Shelby, it is a very mercurial situation, with Ford taking over Shelby operations part way through the 1967 model year and the Ford VINs eventually being incorporated into the Shelby VINs.

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