Ford Report matches story told about the car 45 years ago 1967 427 Cougar

Hello the story surrounding my car which I purchased in 1980 was that it came from Ford with a 427. It has been a race car since virtually new. 30 years later I contacted Ford and they sent me a report back stating it was a 427 engine installed even though it was an “S” code. That is the story and the document.

Pretty cool info, I thought Marti had bought the rights to all that information , I see it was dated ten years ago, had you already asked Marti for the info? You’re lucky Ford took the time to do it .

No need to contact Marti. Ford was doing these reports for anyone who would ask for free. It was called the 999 report. What is interesting is that the “old wives tale” from back in the day was documented by Ford themselves. Thank you God :pray:

The production date is kind of curious. 12/16/65 if I’m reading it correctly?

I didn’t know Ford would do that, do they still do it today?

I understand they do, but they are also notoriously inaccurate. I have some for cars I use to own that have wrong color, Option packages and wrong power trains. The PO of my CJ Cougar got one that indicated it had a traction loc rear axle. But the number was for a 3.00 conventual unit. I highly recommend getting a Marti report.

The problem is that there wasn’t a version of the 427 that would fit in a Cougar in 1967. More likely to be be a mistake in the report in the same way they got the date wrong. But very cool none the less.

I have asked but at the moment I’m told to call back in a couple months , talking to Royce my car is one of the earliest ones made and I’m seeing if I can find out just how early, he gave me suggestions of what to ask for I’ll just have to wait until they have time :pensive:

Date is correct December 16 1966

I suspect that you got a Marti Report in the past ten years since the bogus CAC report right? And Kevin gave you the true story didn’t he?

It might be more useful to determine the car’s actual history by using real documentation. Ownership history, old photographs, perhaps time slips - that sort of thing would be interesting. The VIN of your car, having an “S” in the engine code slot, tells us exactly how it was produced when new.

No Marti, I was told that Marti got all of his info from Ford which is where this document came from.
What is a Bogus CAC Report? Are you referring to the Ford Letterheaded Document?

Yes. It is obviously wrong and probably should go in the trash so that no one sees it again.

Why not order a Marti and see what that says?

Any other original paperwork? There would be a long paper trail for a 1967 S code Cougar having a 427 installed from the factory.

A window sticker or invoice from the selling dealer?

Does your Cougar still have that 427 in it? If so, some photos would be very interesting to see.

As the Shelby guys like to say; “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”.

Or something like that…

  • Phillip

The problem is that there wasn’t a version of the 427 that would fit in a Cougar in 1967. Is this in reference to the blocks motor mount area and heads as well I would guess ?

The LH motor block plate for a 390 engine doesn’t fit a 427 side oiler. The only 427 passenger car blocks being made in 1967 were side oilers. In 1968 model year Ford designed and made a mount that would fit and used it on the 1968 model year GT-E.

The C8AE 6090-J cylinder heads were designed to make it possible to use the 427 Low Riser cylinder head design in a Mustang / Cougar. Again these were not available in 1967 model year. The earliest known examples were cast in June 1967 and used on Cougar GT-E show cars - 1968 Cougars.

None of the exhaust manifolds available in 67 would have fit in a Cougar.

That’s what I thought

I think that it is possible that the car could have come with the 427, all that would be needed is 390 GT exhaust, modify the LH motor support and drill a couple extra holes in the 67 Fairlane heads. I think that the ford engineers would be up to that task.

There was no way to bolt the 390GT exhaust manifold to a 1967 427 cylinder head. There is not any metal to drill into, only air. No engineer can make something from nothing.

Looks like they stopped in 2016.