Found a 1968 Cougar GT fourspeed for sale

I watch the youtube Coffee Walk often. Back a few months ago they recovered a 1968 Cougar GT four-speed. I contacted C and B Jeep in Wiley Texas and they still have the car and have not done anything to it and want to sell it as is. Price $12,800 none negotiable. I would like to see if anyone is looking for a complete car and give it a good home. You can see the car on Coffee Walk episode 234. Contact Jonathan Peck at 973-442-6189 ext. 221 or

I inquired when that episode originally aired and communicated with Jonathan through email… he sent me pictures and the entire body and floors look very rough… I’m sure it needs plenty of metal work.

Pretty rusty and I’m sure there is much more once you dig around. I can understand the “as is” part of the sale. As far as the price being non negotiable I would say “good luck”. Lots of parts, lots of metal work and labor.

You’d need to be able to do a lot of the work yourself from metal/bodywork, painting and reassembly to make it worth your while