Free LED headlights for three lucky people.

I got an interesting phone call this morning. NPD has some new LED Halo headlights that fit Cougar. Only they don’t have pictures of them installed in a Cougar. So they are willing to donate three sets of these headlights to some very lucky Cougar owners, if those folks will agree to install the lights, and then take some specific images that they can use for the catalog, brochures, web site and so on. You must have a decent camera, YES your smart phone IS good enough. So free LED Halo headlights and your car becoming famous all for free!

So how do we go about selecting the winners? I need your ideas, because we don’t want any hard feelings. There have been comments that you have to be on the A list to get in on the good stuff. This is an opportunity to put that to rest.

There will be three sets, one for a '67- '68, one for '69-'70, and one for a’71-'73. As an added bonus for the big cats the '71-'73 will get the multi color halo extra cost option! Who says the 123 cars never get any love? So we will need to have a contest for each set.

Ideas please!

How about the first three to reply. :slight_smile:
It would take too long for me to get around to installing them.

How about an old fashion Hat draw? Put names of folks interested in being the one in each year group and drawing out a name. No offence to Mike B, But find a kid someplace to do the drawing. Maybe you could get Kevin Marti to watch over the draw?
I would be fine trying to be the owner of the one selected for 71/73. Or 69/70. But one should only be able to win in 1 group.

I’m guessing this forum assigns some sort of ID number to each member. Maybe a random draw out of all members logged in during the past 12 months?

I’d sure like to try the '69-'70 in my car given how hungry for watts my stereo and vintage air blower motor are.

Hmm… I did just pick up a set of Halogens and a relay kit, but I haven’t done the swap yet.

That could be a good way to do it. Maybe trim it down to 3 months though? That would cut it down to the “regulars” here, I would think. Or is that still too much of an “insiders club”?

Being a forum supporter should be a pre-requisite.

There you go…thank me later.

Some good ideas already!

To be entered individuals will have to agree to install the lights and take the pictures. That kind of rules out putting every one in the hat: you must enter to win!

That is awesome!

Hmm any time frame on needing those pictures? My car probably still has another year before its back on the road.

Good point, unfortunately this will require that the install and pictures be completed promptly. The reason for the free stuff is the pictures.

I think these headlights are about $300 a set!

Can they be sent to Canada? I would have the pictures back the next day in my restored G, or the one in pieces but i don’t thing that’s what they want.

I think they should go in daily driver cars for some valuable real world testing. :wink:

My 68 is stored in a under ground parking garage. Could get some shots of how these lights work down there. Also is it just for the low beams or both low and high beams.
Thanks Scott

I want to throw my hat into the ring to do the conversion on my 67.

They say the stars at night are big a bright down here, but I can’t see crap if I’m driving the Cougar after dark.

Are there any requirements for the car besides year? As in overall condition etc. How wide of a shot are they looking for? For example my car has all the paint work and trim done but roller wheels and tires along with no glass in the car. I could get a great front end shot with the head lights but if the wheels and tires or glass
Is going to show I’m sure they wouldn’t want those!

I’m down to participate but don’t want to take away anyone else chance that a completed car that might be a better candidate

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for my '69. I’ve already got the relay kit, a great DSLR, and am local to NPD near Detroit so I can take pics in their lot!

I have been thinking about doing an LED headlight upgrade (to add to the complete set of LEDs everywhere else) on my 68 XR-7 fun driver car I built, so this intrigues me.
I would be interested in being entered in the 67-68 draw.