Front-end rebuild

I’ve been using these - they pivot freely on the shaft and make it much easier to install the coil.

Thanks, I think those are the Scott Drake ones I am leaning toward?


Ok wow they do make that much difference over say the Scott Drake ones?

Have the Opentracker roller spring perch’s and am happy with how they have been in my 68. I feel they make a difference.

Almost everything is better than Scott Drake parts. Ugh.

Almost everything is better than Scott Drake parts. Ugh.

Oh, I have some SD stuff I have been very happy with and those in particular have great reviews on Summit etc.

Do you know what brand the WCCC ones are? They don’t indicate but they do sell a fair bit of Scott Drake stuff.

First, absolutely beautiful ‘70!!!
Second, ditto on the roller perches, they do make a difference and also the 1” lowering springs from WCCC. Those springs are shorter than the originals, but stiffer and they really tightened up the sway in my front end when I installed them recently.

This is something I wish WCCC would add to their site. It sometimes makes the decision to purchase a lot easier.

Thank you, it’s far from perfect but it’ss mine and I love driving it.

Guess I am going to have to pony up for the roller perches, man they are spendy though. Wasn’t going to do the coils because these ones seem to be the right height but maybe I should idk, getting expensive!

Ditto on the car. Yup, I went through the same thing but happy I did the roller perches and 1" lowering springs. And yes it adds up quickly. But, you are going to be knee deep in this so why not do it now.
I forgot to mention on my power steering refresh, I also pulled out the steering box to make sure it looked ok. The test is when you get it opened up and see if you have good grease in there or rusty crap.
Mine was good so just cleaned it up and put it back in since I wasn’t having any problems with it.
But you have to note where the Pittman arm is so when you go back to reinstall it your steering wheel is centered. Also change out the rag joint while you are there as those get old and can add extra play in your steering easily.